Brandon Frazer strikes South African gold!

When you see some of the fish from South Africa it is easy to see why Korda boss Danny Fairbrass is happy to travel half way across the world to go and fish for them!

Luckily for Brandon Frazer, who helped with the recent filming of Monster Carp there, the journey is much shorter as he lives in South Africa and has access to some fantastic waters which are home to some absolute stunners like the fish pictured here.

His latest session saw him heading to his local African Gold Fishing syndicate water, and it resulted in this ancient looking common of 41lb plus a stunning 37lb mirror.

He explained: “I had a couple of days off work and headed to my local syndicate lake, and when I arrived I headed for the shallower part of the lake as I’d seem fish roaming around the area on my last session.

“But after spending a night there with no action and no signs of fish, I packed up my gear and moved to a swim which covers the centre of the lake. I went out in the boat and looked around until I found some holes in the weed where I could drop my rigs along with a handful of Mainline Banoffee boilies. I was fishing all three rods on spinner rigs baited with Mainline Pineapple pop-ups which I had soaked in Pineapple Supreme Goo.

“Within three hours of putting the baits out the middle rod was away, although I only had a couple of bleeps as I was fishing with tight drags. I eventually landed a stunning common of 41lb and was well chuffed that the move had paid off.

“Unfortunately that was the end of the action for the next two days and I spent some time out in the boat looking around. I was going over my areas to check them out and was finding that only my hookbaits were being left, so I knew that it was time for a change as the carp were getting away with it.

“I ended up cutting some boilies in half and covering them in Buttercorn Goo, and then fished a single Banoffee hookbait over this loosefeed so that it would blend in better than the pop-ups had done.

“It seemed to work as later that evening I was awoken by a few bleeps, and when I jumped out of bed I found that my entire pod had been pulled off the edge of the jetty. I quickly put my waders on and jumped in, and was fortunate enough to quickly retrieve my rod, and luckily a beautiful mirror of 37lb was still attached!”