Brad Greening with another great hit of fish from Linear!

Brad Greening has been enjoying a successful winter on the Linear Fisheries complex whenever he has had a chance to get out, and he continued that on his latest trip.

He had been having a good run on Brasenose and Oxlease, but this time he decided to fish on St Johns and ended up catching one of the originals, this stunning 31lb 12oz mirror, as part of a ten fish haul.

Brad revealed: “I managed to get a couple of days off of work and decided to get the rods out for 48 hours and my good mate Rob Burgess was already on Oxlease so I thought I’d join him for the night.

“The swim next door to Rob was free and I was tempted to go in there and have a bit of a social, but the lake just didn’t appeal to me and looked lifeless, despite spending a couple of hours wandering around.

“The array of waters at Linear is phenomenal and with this in mind I headed off for a wander to see if there were fish showing anywhere in available swims. It wasn’t much above zero and by now it was midday on a Friday and was extremely busy, so I decided to go on the back of the cold north-easterly wind in the deeper water on St Johns.

“It proved to be the right move as within two minutes of getting the rods out the first one was away, and resulted in a lovely upper-double stockie. The lake had switched off and hardly anything had been out for the past three days, so I decided to bait very lightly with a few new test boilies from Mainline. I crumbled these up and fished them in conjunction with a few maggots and casters, along with a handful of Jolly Green Giant.

“Just as it got dark I had a double take and luckily my brother Rob had turned up and was about to set up next door so he gave me a hand. After two good battles a 28lb 4oz mirror and a low-20 common lay in the bottom of my nets, and when I got them out on the mat I noticed that they were excreting the bait heavily.

“I’d only put out a dozen Spombs out at most, so this indicated that the fish were up for a bit of grub despite the freezing conditions, and with that in mind I put another 20 Spombs out and settled down for the night.

“Not much happened during the night other than an upper-double stockie at 4am, and then up until 10am I didn’t see anything and the lake looked like it had completely shut down. But then the sun broke through and by late morning it was up to eight degrees and the fish responded.

“I had a flurry of bites during the lunchtime period, including a lovely original fish of 31lb 12oz. Then the wind changed slightly and they moved down to my left which meant I didn’t get any more action but my brother managed to bag a few. The final night was quiet until first light when I had my final bite to round the session off with ten fish in total.”

All of his fish fell to a variation of a 360 rig, incorporating a size 4 Kurv hook with a QC Swivel and the boom section made from 20lb IQ2.