Brace of Thirties for Ed - Ed Betteridge

Ed Betteridge has been putting his efforts into the beautiful Burghfield Lake recently and he’s had some great results, including a brace of thirties. Here’s his story.

“In recent weeks I’ve not been able to get back into the productive swims that I’ve had some recent success in. With each passing week I feel I’m starting to get more in tune with my target venue and the jigsaw puzzle is starting to come together. Location is the key on most waters, but especially on this one. In total it’s at least 96 acres, littered with little bays and large expanses of water where the carp can hide. Like always, I spend a lot of time walking around and try to locate the carp. This time though, I saw nothing. As a result, the first night’s fishing was a blank.

The second day of searching they and I still didn't have any clue as to where the fish were, so I dropped into a swim I had been pre-baiting for a couple of weeks. I woke up disheartened and fishless. I started to wonder if sticking to my original plan of baiting it and leaving the area unpressured for another week would be a better option. Finally, a fish showed over the spot and within an hour I had banked a good fish. I unhooked it in the net, making sure it was safe and sound. Then I put a fresh rig on and recast to the spot. Thirty minutes later the rod was away again! I soon had a brace of thirties from a big pit! They weighed in at 34lb 4oz and 31lb 8oz, as you can imagine I was over the moon. The productive rig was a hinged stiff rig, tied up with a size-8 Choddy hook, 20lb Mouth Trap and IQ2, with a Mainline Hybrid Pop-Up.

That is the beauty of fishing Burghfield, one week I’m banking fish from under my rod tips and the next I’m catching from very long range. I'm glad my 13ft 3.5lb AirCurves allow me to do that without compromise. Having the right tools for the job is essential when targeting large waters. Autumn is looking promising for me, I’ve got plenty of sessions planned for the forthcoming months. So I’ll keep the bait trickling in and hopefully I’ll have more to write about.”