Brace Of Forties - Paul Amos

Paul Amos has recently been doing the business on Roach Pit in Hampshire. His first session of the year got off to a blinding start. Not only did he manage to land his first forty, he then went on to smash his personal best and land another forty! Read on to find out how the session of a lifetime panned out…

“You may not be aware but Roach Pit is a difficult water at the best of times. It’s not renowned for its winter captures. Despite the lake shutting up shop in winter, I thought I’d test my luck and take a trip down to Roach.

On Friday 5th of January, I managed to achieve what I thought was the impossible. I banked three of the Roach’s finest carp in just a 12 hour period. It included a 31lb 2oz mirror, a fish known as Friendly, a 40lb 4oz mirror called Big Tail and The Big Lin at 45lb. My first bite was the Friendly mirror, it’s a real cracking fish. I was over the moon, however the session soon got better. My next bite came quick in the shape of my first forty. I was ecstatic, my first UK forty, in January! As if the session couldn’t get any better, I soon had yet another chunk in the net. I just couldn’t believe it. I peered into the mesh; there was no mistaking this one. As I stared at the thick set shoulders I had no doubt that this was another 40 and a fish known as The Big Lin. After carefully weighing the leviathan it tipped the scales round to 45lb on the nose, words could simply not describe how I was feeling.

Observation seemed to be the main ingredient to my success; casting at showing fish proved to be a great tactic. I outwitted all three fish on Mainline Milky Toffee/Cell pop-ups over a light scattering of 15mm Cell. I used stiff links consisting of a Jellywire boom section, along with 2in of 20lb Mouthtrap and a size six Choddy, tied via an albright knot.

These are outstanding results for anytime of year, but it just makes it all the sweeter that it was during January, what a way to start the year. I can’t wait to get back down Roach, I can only hope that I’ll have another session just like this one. Watch this space!


Paul Amos