Brace of big mirrors during a session targeting tench!

Newest Korda staff member Gary Newman had a tench fishing session interrupted by carp, but he wasn’t complaining with a brace of 30s!

Gary, who had previously worked for Angler’s Mail and as a freelance photo-journalist, recently joined the Korda team and didn’t waste any time in putting their extensive range of products to good use at a local Colne Valley water.

He explained: “I’d been having a good season for the tench, despite not having a lot of time to fish for them, and in the two weekend sessions that I’d managed to fit in I’d caught two doubles – fish of 12lb 1oz and 11lb 3oz – plus three others over 9lb, and some smaller fish.

“I returned for another weekend, the last one I’d be able to manage before the tench spawned due to filming and holiday commitments, and the swim I’d fished on the previous trip was free. It was the area that I’d been hoping to get back in so I quickly set up and got my rods out, which were already marked up to the end of a bar about 56 yards out where it sloped away from right to left and there was some fresh green silkweed.

“I baited the area heavily with casters, using a couple of gallons over the weekend, plus some pellets, feeding it regularly as and when I felt it needed ‘freshening up’. I then fished my usual set-up with an inline lead wrapped in dark Method mix and double rubber caster fished on a long hair with a size 12 Guru MWGB hook to a short 10 lb braided hook link and 10lb Touchdown main line.

“There were signs of fish in my swim that evening, with quite a lot of bubbling and the odd tench rolling, so I wasn’t that surprised when at7.40pm I had a take and landed a nice fish of 7lb 15oz.

“Then at 8.55pm I had a very fast take and as soon as I lifted into it I knew this one wasn’t a tench as it took off towards the middle of the lake, and with the tackle I was using, with just 1.75lb test curve rods, all I could do was hang in.

“A couple of minutes into the fight one of my other rods roared off and I picked it up and felt a tench on the end, which wasn’t an ideal situation, but luckily it didn’t go far before it stopped in some weed and I could concentrate on trying to land the carp.

“It put up a real battle, especially when it got in close and made a couple of excursions along the margins and I was expecting it to find a snag or for the hook to pop out at any moment. Luckily everything held and eventually I had it on the surface and coming towards my net, which it only just fitted into.

“I could tell that it was a good fish, but it was only when I tried to lift it out that I realised just how big it was and I had to grab my bigger scales from the car, which settled on a weight of 39lb 5oz, which was a new PB mirror for me and a fish known as The Lady.

“The action slowed down after that and over the next 36 hours I only managed to catch two more tench, and although one of them was 11lb 13oz it was a repeat capture of a fish I’d had a couple of weeks previously.

“On the final morning of the session I was awoken just after first light by a steady take and initially I thought it was a decent tench as it was just plodding around, but then it woke up and ran around all over the swim for ten minutes or so before I was able to net another decent carp.

“The first fish had still been carrying some spawn, but this one was totally empty and weighed 31lb 4oz, and it was only when I showed the photos to a couple of the carp anglers that they recognised it as one of the other known big mirrors, a fish called Van Boys well down in weight.

“These two fish completed the set of the five biggest carp in the lake for me without ever having actually targeted them, which just goes to show how effective doing something a bit different can be!”