Boxer Warren Fenn puts a monster on the mat!

Surrey middleweight boxer Warren Fenn has been on the trail of a spectacular common - here's how he finally landed his prize, called Nina.

Warren used the barbless version of the Kaptor Choddy

Using the Heli-Safe system allowed Warren to ditch the lead in the snaggy lake

At the weekend I managed to catch the much sought after queen of the lake ‘Nina’ (who had avoided capture for the last 12months), which ended this year’s quest on Twynersh Fishery’s Pit 3.

Arriving at the lake on a Friday evening after work, I managed to get in a swim call the ‘Treeline’ after seeing the big girl sat in a snag with another decent common.

The take came around 10am on the Sunday morning, hours before packing up. Fishing towards a snaggy bush on the far side, the take and battle was a brutal one (probably the hardest fighting carp I’ve managed to hook) spending a good 15minutes fighting to keep her away from the savage snags and weed beds which were all around. Finally after a few shaky moments, she gave up on her powerful charges and I slipped the net under her, with a big sigh of relief screaming her name across the lake.

After a few moments fellow anglers appeared in my swim to offer their help and assistance, which I must thank them for. As we transferred the big old girl from her watery home and onto the mat I could see she was looking big and was certainly going to be my first 40lb common - little did I know she would also beat my personal best by a pound at 44lb 8oz. What a moment, what a memory.

Also on the Friday night I managed to lure one of her friends onto the mat (I guess it was the common sat with her in the snag) at a cracking 31lb, which I was more than happy with before the rest of the session unfolded.

A switch of tactics and a huge part of the success of landing Nina was down to the ultra-resilience of using ArmaKord Sinking Leaders, I really believe it made the difference in keeping her under control as she tried desperately to seek the safety in the snags. The rest of my set-up consisted of a Kaptor Choddy B size 4 as it’s a barbless rule on Twynersh, fished as a small choddy with 25lb Mouth Trap and a Heli-Safe lead release system.

Twynersh Fishery is a complex of lakes in Chertsey, Surrey consisting of a series of lakes suited to specimen, match and general coarse anglers. Just minutes from the M25, the fishery holds numerous 30lb-plus carp with Pit 3 home to some special old carp, such as Nina.

Check out http://twynershfishingcomplex.com for more info.