Book a trip to remember at Gigantica Road Lake now!

Gigantica Road Lake is just about to re-open following a shut down for maintenance, and this year it is going to fish better than ever before!

There have been some major changes to the top French holiday venue over the winter, with the snaggy bay where many of the fish used to hold up in large numbers now having been cut off from the rest of the lake via a bund right across the entrance to it – obviously all the fish were moved back into the lake!

This means that two of the swims, the Slags and the Wall, which gave access to this bay have been closed, and all the fish are now in the main body of the 30 acre lake, which should mean that the action is far more widespread between the swims than in the past when they spent a lot of their time in the snags where they couldn’t be targeted.

The prolific water has always been a great place to visit if you’re looking for plenty of action with the chance of the odd bigger fish – there are two mirrors over 50lb, Big Mack and The Wright Fish, plus 28 others over 40lb, and at least 190 thirties, and they’re all growing fast so expect more to top the fifty mark this year!

There are up to 12 places available on the lake each week, so you can book for either a small group or take the whole lake – although bookings are filling up fast for 2016 so don’t leave it too long if you want to come and experience some of the best fishing in France this year!

As well as the fishing, guests on the main lake and Road Lake have the option of full catering with delicious home-cooked meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner!) plus the legendary BBQ. An on-site tackle shop stocks everything you need and they always have stocks of great Mainline Baits, including the amazing Chilli Activ, at very reasonable prices. The bailiffs are the best in the business and always happy to help and advise - they just want you to catch loads of fish and have a great time!

If you’re looking for a holiday at short notice, there are still a few places free over the next few weeks on the Road Lake and main Gigantica lake, and both are bound to fish very well with the fish on the Road Lake, especially, having had a break and moving around the lake far more than they did previously, plus they’ve been getting fed!

For more info or to book, call: 01268 820440. Or check out www.road.gigantica-carp.com