Blown Away - Luke Vallory

Over my last four trips, a total of eight nights (two of which were overnighters), I have managed to land six fish and unfortunately lost two on a big, very demanding, low-stock southern pit.

It all started with Little Arthur gracing the net, an awesome old carp, which went 38lb 14oz. Shortly after I cast to a showing fish just before the end of my session and it didn’t take long for the rod to bend round. Still buzzed up from having only just returned Arthur before this, I now had a fish called the Italian safely in my net. It was another cracking carp and she weighed 40lb 13oz. I literally had no energy for the photos as I was blown away by it all. It was a four-night session and after moving swims for my last two nights I ended up losing two fish then landing the fish mentioned during my last morning. Mental!
My next trip was an overnighter the week after. I went on to land a very old carp known as Bullhead’s Mate, weighing 32lb 8oz. It was a proper character with big shoulders and a sloping head. I went on to fish the following weekend and just slotted in where I could. I moved on my second night after seeing a couple of fish, and the next morning I landed one of the smaller residents in the shape of 15lb linear.
I managed to get another overnighter in last week and to my surprise I had another bite as it was getting light. After a crazy battle I took the pride of a 32lb 10oz mirror, which was soon sulking in the net. An hour after this the other rod was away and the culprit was a 14lb common.
All of the fish were caught on a Korda lead clip arrangement, with Kable leadcore in conjunction with hinged stiff rigs using 30lb N-Trap for the boom and 25lb Mouth Trap for the chod section. The new anti tangle tungsten sleeves have been a great edge to kick away my rigs from the lead. Bait wise the ever faithful Krill boilies over matching pop-ups have been a winner!