Billy on a Roll - Billy Flowers

Billy Flowers has been in match action again, and in typical fashion, he’s been doing well. Here are the details!

“I entered the UK Carp Cup for the third year running this year. In previous years I fished venues further afield, due to being busy with work commitments and other matches. However this year I was able to get on a venue close to home, which I fished at from a young age. The venue of choice was Birds Green Fisheries in Essex.

The eliminator round consists of 10 anglers fishing a 40-hour match, with the top two anglers progressing onto the semi final. Thankfully, I had a decent draw, coming third out of the hat, and managed to get my second-choice swim. The match started slowly for me; I started baiting an area and it wasn’t until early on the Saturday morning that things really started to happen. In the swim next door was my good friend Harry Charrington. We where pretty much neck and neck through the match for first place. Harry managed to pip me in the last hour of the match early on Sunday morning. So he finished in first and I ended up in second place, which was enough for us to both qualify for the semi final.

The semi final this year was held on Brasenose Two at the fantastic Linear Fisheries. This time there were 20 anglers battling it out for the all-important top-seven positions. This time around I finally had some luck and came out first in the draw, which meant I had the whole lake to choose from. I opted for a swim known as The Point, which commands a lot of water and is normally a prolific area. So, confidence was high and I was looking good for a place in this year’s final.

Brasenose Two is full of all sorts of snags, which include large weed beds, reeds, mussel beds and other objects. This was apparent from the off as everyone around was losing fish. I too had this problem losing the first five fish of the match, on a ledge at close range. I made a few adjustments and then finally started to crawl up the leader board, slowly but surely. I ended up in 5th place, so I’ve now secured a place in this year final, which is taking place in October on the famous Oxlease Lake, again on the famous Linear complex.

This year’s final has a strong line-up featuring some top anglers, so it’s going to be a tough one. However, I’m looking forward to it as always, but I have the World Championships beforehand to give my full attention to. I’ll keep you posted.”


Billy Flowers