Billy Flowers' incredible overnight session at Cowlands!

Following a couple of successful overnight sessions at his own Myths Pool fishery, Billy Flowers decided to spend a night at his syndicate water, Cowlands Farm.

This proved to be a very good move as it resulted in a trio of fish, including one of the big ‘uns, a fish known as the Scar, which weighed in at 40lb 4oz. He also added other mirrors of 30lb 6oz and 21lb 8oz the same night!

Billy enthused: “The weather looked spot on and I finished work earlier than usual, so I headed over to my syndicate water for a night. As I drove down the track I could only see one motor in the car park, and after having a quick chat to one of the other members, I headed for a swim at the far end of the lake which gave me access to a nice chunk of water, with plenty of snags and overhanging trees.

“I positioned my rods very tight to the snags and this meant that everything had to be completely locked up. With that in mind I opted to fish with 15lb Touchdown - as it has very little stretch - heavy leads and multi rigs, which I tied using size 4 Kontinental hooks as they are very strong and reliable, and there is enough metal to grip and hold when I’m steering a fish away from the snag.

“Within an hour or so of casting out, I had two bleeps on my middle rod and was straight on it and found myself attached to what felt like a very heavy weight. For the first five minutes of the fight it felt like I was bringing in an old branch, which I am convinced that the fish had become snagged on, but eventually it came free and I was back in full contact, and after a good scrap it was ready to be netted.

“At that point I could see that I was attached to a decent size fish, and once I managed to net it I wasted no time in unhooking it in the net and getting the rod back out on the spot. It wasn’t until I lifted the net that I felt the weight of the fish and noticed the distinctive scar across its body, and realized that it was one of the ‘A Team’ that I had wanted to catch! It was a fish known as Scar and the needle settled on 40lb 4oz, happy days.

“I sat up for a while into dark, but with the alarm set for 5.30am to get up and pack up for work, I decided to hit the sack. Instead of being awoken by the alarm on my phone, it was a bleep on my right-hand rod that had me up at 5am and I could see that the rod tip was bending round.

“The fish was trying to take line, but with everything locked up it couldn’t, and soon a real, old dark-looking 21lb 8oz mirror lay safely in the bottom of my net.

“I was happy to have had action on two different rods and slowly began to pack away, which took around half-an-hour, and it was getting close to the time when I would have to reel my rods in. But just before that time arrived, the bobbin on my left-hand rod slowly dropped back and after a quick battle I netted a 30lb 6oz mirror, which was another stunner.

“I went to work very happy as I’d managed to catch a twenty, a thirty and a forty in the space of just 14 hours!”