Billy Flowers has been in action at his Myths Pool fishery

Like many fishery owners, Billy Flowers spends more time helping other anglers to catch from the venue, rather than actually fishing there himself!

Myths Pool contains some fantastic looking carp that Billy carefully selected when he stocked the Essex fishery, and having watched his customers catching some crackers recently, he decided it was time to get the rods out himself and fish a few overnighters.

Billy revealed: “On my first trip I arrived at the lake around 6.45pm and the wind was absolutely savage, making it awkward to set up and get the rods out on the spots in the dark, but after a lead around I managed to get all three in position.

“I fished my first rod on a Solidz PVA bag with a Fake Food dumbbell hookbait, cast tight to an island, and the two other rods were fished on multi rigs in a deeper hole in the centre of the lake, over a bed of Mainline Cell and Essential Cell boilies.

“My first bite didn’t come until 3.30am and came on the rod that I was fishing to the island, resulting in a stunning mirror of 22lb 10oz. After casting it back to the spot, it hadn’t been out for more than half-an-hour before it was away again, and this one weighed 21lb 6oz – two bites and two twenties, happy days!

“No sooner had I got back in the bag to try and get some sleep before having to pack up for work in the morning, when the middle rod went into meltdown, and this time it felt like a better fish. It turned out to be a really cool-looking mirror known as Moonscale, which I bought when it was an upper-double, but when I went to lift the net out it felt heavy and pulled the needle round to 27lb 8oz.

“I ended up with two more bites before it got light, both of which resulted in a couple of low-double mirrors, which are ones for the future. I packed my kit away, but just as I was about to reel in my first rod, I was away again and attached to an angry carp which put up a hell of a scrap and turned out to be another mirror, which weighed 20lb 10oz. All-in-all not a bad overnight session, with four twenties amongst them!

“It was clear that the fish were on the move and up for a feed, and I was thinking that it wouldn’t be long before one of the big ‘uns slipped up, so I was keen to get back for another go.

“Five days later I managed to get back over to the lake for another overnighter, and again got the rods out just before dark. I sat and had a few cups of tea, but during that time I didn’t see anything and decided to get my head down, and next thing I knew, I was awoken by my alarm, which I’d set for 6am.

“I was thinking that maybe it wasn’t to be, but then at 6.30am the bobbin on my middle rod dropped back and I was attached to what looked like a very big fish, but after a good battle I was looking in the net at another twenty. It weighed 23lb 6oz and I was happy as I packed up for work, having had seven fish in two nights, and it is just a matter of time before one of the ‘A team’ comes out.”