Billy Flowers banks the biggest fish in the lake!

News that a few fish had been coming out of his local syndicate water spurred Billy Flowers into action, and resulted in the capture of the biggest fish in the lake!

The England international had been busy working at his own fishery, but with weather conditions looking perfect he managed to squeeze in a day at Cowlands Farm, and it resulted in the big mirror, Boycie, gracing his net at 46lb 11oz.

Billy explained: “After a hectic weekend carrying out essential maintenance to my own fishery and with the weather staying mild, I decided to squeeze in a quick day session.

“The lake has been fishing patchy for the last few weeks but with the current spell of milder weather I was confident of a bite. I arrived on an extremely foggy, but warm morning, and to my surprise there were no cars in the car park and the lake was empty!

“After a quick wander round I settled for a swim that I knew well and produced fish for me last winter. It commands a big snag at 40 yards range and is a known fish-holding area, so not wasting any time, I cast two rods ultra-tight to the snag and fished them completely locked-up. I cast my third rod into slightly deeper water just off of the snag.

“All three were fished on multi rigs, baited with Mainline Essential Cell pop-ups with a scattering of freebies over the top – just enough to hopefully get a quick bite.

“After a couple of hours of no indication and not having seen any signs of fish moving, I was beginning to contemplate a move to the far end of the lake for the afternoon. Then at 1.10pm I had two bleeps on my right-hand rod and as I was fishing locked-up this was enough to signal that there was a fish on, and I was on the rod straight away and as soon as I lifted into it I knew it was a better one, due to the sheer weight and it was heading straight for the snags.

“I was using strong end tackle and managed to prevent it from getting snagged, and I could now play it in open water with no fear of a cut-off! With a bit of nip-and-tuck, I managed to get over and under the other rods, and within ten minutes I was looking at an old warrior of a fish.

“As soon as saw the marks on one side of it, plus a couple of scales near the tail, I knew that I had just landed the ‘king of the pond’, a fish known as Boycie! Once on the mat it was clear that I wasn’t going to lose it as the hook was bang in the middle of the bottom lip!

“Oli Bowles came down to help with the weighing, and the needle settled at 46lb 11oz, and after a few photos I went home a very happy angler with an early Christmas present!”

Billy landed the big ‘un using a size 4 Kontinental hook to a 20lb Kamo hook link, with a few feet of Dark Matter tubing and 15lb Touchdown main line.