Billy Flowers' amazing session at Holme Fen!

Billy Flowers had a fantastic session at the renowned Holme Fen Fishery in Cambridgeshire, banking four forties in just 48 hours, plus another of 38lb!

The England International had previously failed to get a bite at the venue, which is home to two fish topping 60lb - including a controversial mirror known as Captain Jack which recently broke the official current British record – when he tackled it in sub-zero conditions last November.

Rather than being put off, it spurred him on to have another go and a return trip was planned as soon as some suitable dates were free, and when he visited the venue with some friends last week things went much more to plan!

Billy explained: “We arrived at the lake around 9.30am and had a walk round, but unfortunately we didn’t see anything until just as we were about to do the draw, when a couple of fish poked their heads out in front of the Beach and Reeds swims. I came out third in the draw and both those swims were taken, so I opted for Harry’s, where I felt I could put enough bait out to pull them over to me.

“I had a good lead around and found a spot that was clear enough to position three rods on, and I Spombed out around 10kg of bait, consisting of 10mm and 15mm Mainline Essential Cell boilies, hemp, partiblend, Response pellet, corn, and Essential Cell glug for extra attraction.

“After all of the disturbance that I’d caused, I decided not to put the rods out for a while so as to give the fish a chance to come into the area with no pressure from my lines. I’d opted to fish all three on the same area so that once I had it rocking, I could hopefully get more than one bite in quick succession.

“I was fishing all three rods on multi rigs with 15mm Essential Cell pop-ups, and just as I was casting out my last rod the first one signalled a savage drop-back, and I quickly wound down and was attached to my first Holme Fen carp.

“Having just had a bite within five minutes of the rod being in the water and knowing how hungry these fish can be, I wasted no time in unhooking it, getting the rod back out, and putting out another 20 Spombs of bait. I was just lifting the retainer out of the water when my right-hand rod went into meltdown, and after a savage battle I was soon netting my second fish in quick succession.

“The second fish weighed in at 38lb, and I knew that the one still in the retainer was even bigger, and this long, dark mirror weighed in at 42lb 15oz. I had a very big smile on my face having had two fish for over 80lb within the first hour of having rods in the water!

“I topped up the spot before I went to bed, and before I knew it I was bent into another decent fish, and when I finally had it near the net it was clear that it was big. I managed to wade out and ease it over the net cord, and when I flicked on my torch I could see that it was very big. It would be light in an hour so I decided to put it in a retainer until then.

“As it started to get light I called my mate Dave, but no sooner had he stepped into my swim when the middle rod was away, and this one turned out to be 40lb 2oz and my fourth fish in less than 24 hours. The other one had a really big frame and we weighed it at 49lb 4oz, before taking a few pictures and returning it.

“It was clear that my spot was now rocking, so I spent the day continuing to fill it in but nothing else happened. As I’d had bites the previous morning I was up at 6am sat drinking a coffee and listening for signs of fish, but when over an hour passed with no signs of activity I felt that my chance had gone.

“Then just after 8am I had a few bleeps and one of my bobbins had pulled up tight, and I was into another one. It stayed deep trying to get into the weed, just as the 49 had done, and before I knew it another stunning fish of 44lb 8oz was in the net.

“The lake is very well run and holds a large head of extremely big fish, and even though it isn’t for everyone, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and can’t wait to get back for another go,” he concluded.