Bill Hodkin bags up at Darenth Big Lake!

Bill Hodkin has been having a great run of fish at Darenth Big Lake so far this year, with his latest trip producing eight carp up to 44lb 2oz.

Having had an amazing session to celebrate his fiftieth birthday a month or so ago, the professional golfer continued where he left off, by landing the big mirror along with two other topping the thirty mark, at 37lb 7oz and 31lb, during his three-day trip.

Bill revealed: “When I arrived at the lake after work on the Sunday it was fairly empty for a change. I had a good look round and the fish were mainly on the bars, but those swims were taken.

“I decided to go in the Fence as it gave me access to the island which runs parallel to the bars and is only a couple of swims down from them. My wife, Sharon, came down to help me get set up as I got the rods out, and before she even had a chance to put the kettle on I had an 18lb common on my left-hand rod.

“Just half-an-hour after that the same rod was away again with another common, with this one weighing 21lb, and that night I had four might bites, which resulted in me landing mirrors of 31lb, 17 and 15lb, as well as losing one.

“I’d had no sleep and far too many cups of tea, and I was stood watching the water when I saw some fish moving further up the bank in a swim called the High Bank. I knew that the angler in there was going that morning and he’d had a couple during the night, so I reeled in, packed up, and moved in after him.

“Nothing happened that day or during the next night, apart from me managing to get a great night sleep, but just as I put the kettle on the next morning the middle rod burst into life and after a great battle I landed a fat mirror of 37lb 7oz. Throughout the morning I had two more bites, which resulted in a nice 26lb mirror and I finished off with a boilie-eating machine of 44lb 2oz.”

All of Bill’s fish fell to Sticky Baits Manilla wafters fished over a bed of freebies on combi-rigs, which Bill ties using 25lb Boom and 30lb Arma-Kord with a size 4 Krank X hook and a Kicker, with 15lb Touchdown main line completing his set-up.