Biggest fish in Gigantica for Mike Standing!

Gigantica’s biggest resident, the mighty mirror known as Fudgy’s, has been out at a new top weight of 86lb 8oz!

It was landed by Mike Standing, from Preston, Lancashire, and given the way his trip started, breaking down on the way to the famous French venue, he was due a change in his luck!

The fish was named after Dave Fuidge, who caught it back in 2009 at 61lb 10oz, and it’s previous best weight was 83lb 10oz in May last year - given the way it has been putting on the weight it looks set to carry on growing. The biggest that the venue has produced was a 92lb mirror called the Giant, but that fish is no longer alive.

“We set off on the Friday, and as we live up north we’d booked a hotel for the night once we got across the Channel, but about 25 miles before we reached it my van broke down!

“We ended up having to be towed off of the motorway to a garage which was closed, and had to sleep in the van, parked outside it. The next day we got a taxi and managed to find somewhere we could hire a van from so we could carry on to Gigantica and still got there on the Saturday.

“I set up in a swim known as the Big Southerly and spent four days there without anything happening. I then moved onto the Point as I thought they might be out in the open, deeper water and started off just fishing zigs out there.

“The following day I changed over to fishing rigs on the bottom – a hinged stiff rig but with a slightly more supple boom section - as I hadn’t had anything, and started trickling in a few baits over the area.

“The bite came in the early hours of the morning and as soon as I hooked it I knew it was a good fish, but didn’t realise it was going to be anywhere near as big as that, as you just don’t expect it even though you know there is a chance of one of the big ones.

“I’ve got to go and pick my van up from the garage and return the hire one, so I’m staying on for an extra night and am confident that there is a chance of another bite, so have put some more bait in now that I know there are fish in the area.”

Mike landed it on a rig constructed using a size 6 Choddy hook and a hinged rig with 50lb Arma-Kord and 20lb N-Trap, and fished over CC Moore Equinox boilies.

As well as the big ‘un, the venue is home to another nine fish that have topped 70lb, and several of which could be even bigger as they haven’t visited the bank for some time!

There are still some spaces available throughout this year, and for full details check out: www.gigantica-carp.com