Big Winter Common! - Neil Spooner

Korda UK Sales manager Neil Spooner is becoming something of a winter specialist! He bagged another cracking cold-water common this very morning from his Essex syndicate and takes up the story here...

"With very little time to go fishing recently, what with the many carp shows that we attend and keeping the family sweet at home, I decided to take a half-day holiday yesterday and spend the best part of 24 hours on my syndicate. I knew that over the weekend quite a few fish had been caught, but more importantly, I knew where from! Thankfully, the carp gods were smiling and upon arrival I was greeted by the said area being devoid of anglers!
I quickly went about the process of setting up and before long all rods were in position. I didn't have to wait long for my first bite as just on dark the left-hand rod was away. Unfortunately, I suffered a hook pull. I quickly recast with a fresh rig and once again settled down.
It was so mild that I didn’t bother with a shelter and just slept under the stars. At around 21.45pm the same rod was away and thankfully I landed a mid-double common.
A little while later one of the other rods let out its battle cry and this time the culprit was a slightly smaller common of about 12lb.
“This is alright,” I thought, “Three bites in a few hours,” but the best was yet to come....
At 02.30am the recast to was away and straight away I knew that this was no double. It led me on a merry dance and quite a few times found sanctuary in different reedbeds before it was plodding around in front of me. It took a full twenty minutes to land and is probably the hardest fighting fish I have EVER hooked, it was unreal. Thankfully, it went into the net and due to its scale pattern I was able to recognise her as a fish called the Undulated. I woke up another member, Nick, who was fishing a few swims down and with his help weighed the fish in at 35lb 4oz.
He kindly took the photos at first light and I was left to reflect on a very nice way to end February!

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