Big South African common for Brandon Frazer!

Team Korda South Africa member Brandon Frazer got 2019 off to a good start when his first trip of the year produced this cracking 38lb common, along with several others to 29lb.

Brandon managed to fit in a two night session at a local water and got off to the perfect start when he managed some action on the first night, having located a silty area.

He revealed: “I managed to put in a mid-week session and using my boat, I found an area that I liked where the bottom was covered in a thin layer of silt, and I put out a big bed of bait.

“Due to the silt, I opted to fish spinner rigs with 14mm wafter hookbaits which would give me the perfect presentation, sitting just on top of it. I tied my rig using a size 4 Krank hook with a brown Kicker and a Spinner Swivel, on a Boom hook link.

“That night I had a few bites, with the biggest being from a stunning 29lb common, and after taking some photos of them the following morning, I decided to go and top up the area with some more bait. It was still early morning but I didn’t want to cause too much disturbance by throwing in a load of bait later in the day and risk spooking any fish that were on the spot. Just before dark I carefully paddled out in my inflatable and placed my rigs back on the spot, with just a few more baits scattered around them.

“I was awoken by my Delkim screaming and as soon as I hit into it I could feel solid resistance. It gave me a proper fight and I could feel every movement of it through my 30lb Apex braided main line, but eventually it slid over the net cord and I could see that it was a solid chunk.

“I transferred it into a weigh sling and when I lifted it out onto the mat I was over-the-moon as I knew that it was a decent fish, and I could see that I’d nailed it in the bottom lip – after removing the hook I treated the area with some Propolis.

“On the scales it went 38lb and I put it in a retainer until the morning, so I could get some photos. It certainly wasn’t a bad way to start the year!”