Big-Pit Hit - Ed Betteridge

The ever-consistent Ed Betteridge has managed to keep to the carp interested on his large Berkshire veune, despite the dip in temperature. He spills the beans on his latest hit right here…

The pre-baited area is really starting to pay dividend for me now on my large Berkshire water. After catching a few good fish from the spot already I went on to bank three more fish including the a 38lb 8oz mirror. I was getting through a fair amount of bait, taking more than 10kg of boilies with me per trip, because although the lake is low stock, there is a big head of large bream and a growing number of signal crayfish in there, which have also taken a liking to the Mainline Hybrid that I am using. So, I'm having to fish over more bait than I want to, to feed off the nuisance species and then any bait I have left over is going into the lake for the following week’s session. This baiting has really paid off because all the fish are passing the orangey coloured boilie all over the mat as I'm unhooking them, which is a really good sign that they are on the bait.

After the old-looking 38lb 8oz I managed to bank two more fish just as I was packing away; everything was in the car and ready to go and I was literally 30 seconds away from winding the rods in when one signaled a take. As I played the fish in, I received a few beeps on the remaining fishing rod, as it tightened up and pulled out of the clip. I thought the fish had crossed lines, but it turned out to be a double take! This is unbelievable, considering that there is only just over a fish per acre in the large pit! The first of the two fish was a really old-looking common and the second was a near-leather that weighed in at 27lb and 28lb respectively. The successful rigs were my little hinged stiff rig or a reverse snowman set-up.”