Big-Pit Hauling - Ed Betteridge

Following on from his recent brace of big-pit thirties, Ed Betteridge has been back in touch to tell us about another hit from his big Berkshire venue. Here's his story...

“After my previous session when I had some success over my pre-baited area, I have now made a point of introducing bait at regular intervals in specific areas. Hopefully this will hold the fish in those areas, increasing their confidence in my ever-faithful Hybrid boilies and response pellets.

The extra effort of pre-baiting paid off on my last session, resulting in a five-fish hit. It just goes to show, that effort certainly equals reward. This makes it my most successful session to date, and when you consider that it’s a 96-acre pit, it’s clear that location and baiting in the right areas are absolutely paramount.

The first morning of the session kicked off in style resulting in a stunning 31lb 8oz mirror, but it wasn’t until the second night when the action really started. The line bites started around 3am, surely one was going to rip off? The first bite arrived at 7am, but unfortunately the fish dropped off. This bite was quickly followed by a tench, which was not what I wanted. Finally, the carp did arrived; the first one being a scale-perfect 23lb mirror, shortly followed by a stunning fish of 29lb 14oz.

The action then dried up during the day. I was hoping that they would turn up the following morning, so I set my traps and re-baited. It really did look good for a few more. I then received an aggressive take from an angry common, which was my first common from the lake at 23lb. Then the best of the session graced my net at 35lb 6oz. Result!

The jigsaw puzzle is really starting to come together now and I can’t wait for my next session.”