Big news from Embryo

Embryo’s Matt Pettit has been busy working on some exciting plans for the rest of 2015…here’s what’s been happening.

Exciting times at Embryo with our first venue due to open in early April. The South Ings Lane Syndicate is located in East Yorkshire and features three lakes - the first is around 6.5 acres with the other 2 being 3.5 acres each.

There has been a lot of work undertaken on site over the last few months getting the venue ready for opening, this has included otter fencing, stocking, swim building, road building and car park construction. We have to say a big thanks at this point to all the people who have helped us get to this point with special mentions to Stuart Daborn, Colin Jagger and his team of volunteers.

Pit one has a stock of around 150 fish ranging from 8lb to 17lb. Most of the fish are VS Fisheries fish with a large percentage of both heavily scaled and Harrow origin mirrors. The lake has also been stocked with 20+ fish from the Lea Valley - these are the larger fish in the lake and are mainly commons. The lake has seven swims on it.

Pit 3 features over 50 fish and made up of VS fisheries fish and Lea Valley fish. The lake has 6 swims on it and as with all lake on site is deep and clear in nature. Pit 2 is currently being developed and will open in 2016. There is a midweek and a weekend syndicate in operation, both of which have 25 members. The ticket covers both pit 1 and 3.

We have had a great response locally and the membership is currently full for 2015. If you are interested in joining in the future please contact us at the following email address: elaine@korda.co.uk to be added to the waiting list.

We are also process of re-opening the former Vauxhall Angling lake at Stanton Harcourt. We were approached by Vauxhall about the possibility of taking over the lake and our plan is to run an affordable syndicate on the lake catering for local anglers.

We intend to secure this special lake from predation by erecting an otter fence. The natural feel of the lake is to be maintained and we do not intend to carry out wholesale stocking of this water. More detailed information about the lake and membership will be released in the coming months.

As well as working on our own venues we are currently in the process of organising fencing for several other angling clubs. There will be further announcements on this in the coming weeks.