Big mirror for Rob Burgess at Linear Fisheries' Oxlease Lake!

Rob Burgess has been getting amongst the fish again at Linear Fisheries, this time with his first ever day ticket 40!

Just a few weeks ago he visited the famous Oxfordshire complex to set a new best on a zig rig from Brasenose 1, and although his latest session on Oxlease Lake was less prolific, it produced this fantastic 40lb 6oz mirror!

It is a lake that he has fished a fair bit in the past but has never been very lucky with the bigger fish, so this time he decided that a change of tactics was in order to try and tempt one of the lumps the venue holds.

Rob revealed: “With the weather looking good for a bite or two I decided to head down to Linear, and after a brief drive around the complex I ended up on Oxlease. The lake has been kind to me in the past but at the same time I’ve been a little unlucky with it’s larger residents.

“I thought I’d fish completely differently to my previous trips, as like many others who fish there, I’d mainly used solid bags, zigs and maggot rigs. I thought I’d try a hinged stiff rig, which I’ve used in most of my fishing over the past year and it has definitely helped me to pick out the better fish.

“I set up in peg 5 as there was a strong south-westerly forecast and I knew this would offer me the best chance, and after a few chucks around with a lead I found a lovely area of firm silt behind a bar where I would fish all three of my rods.

“I fished the same rig on all three rods, but with different colour pop-ups – white, yellow and pink – and put ten Spombs of 12mm and 15mm Sticky Baits Manilla boilies, plus some caster and corn over the top of them.

“The first night was very cold with no wind, but with the weather due to change I still had a good feeling for the rest of the trip, and on my second night my first bite came at 3am and resulted in a plump stockie, followed by another a short while later. Then just below first light I had a stunning mirror of 28lb 2oz, and two out of the three bites had come to the pink pop-ups, so I changed all the rods over to those.

“The third and final night was upon me and the weather couldn’t have been better, with the wind howling and the temperature holding up at around ten degrees. At 10pm, just as I was getting to the climax of the film I was watching, my right hand rod pulled up tight and the clutch gave a couple of clicks and I was in!

“Within seconds I knew it was big as there were no head shakes or silly runs, just a heavy weight and my 13ft Hi-S’ive was hooped round and the line was whistling in the wind as I jumped into my waders as it kited to my left into some reeds.

“After several minutes she was close to the net and the first glimpse I had got my knees shaking, but thankfully it was meant to be and my first day ticket 40 was sulking in the net. It was a real stunner, scale perfect,” added Rob, who landed it on a size 8 Choddy hook.