Big Hitter - Warren Fenn

I hadn’t been down to Lee Jackson’s Cotton Farm Lake in Kent since I’d caught the big girl. I always said to myself that I wouldn’t go back until the big girl got caught once again by another angler, lessening the chances of me recapturing her and taking the capture away from another angler. That’s just the way I am! There are seven A-Team members in the lake and I managed to bag two through the spring, including the big one.

After receiving a text from a mate who fishes the lake two weeks back saying that he’d had the big girl out and that I’d better get back down there and have the rest. I couldn’t resist getting back down. I managed to fish an overnighter last Monday and having not been down since spring, I noticed that the lake had changed big style. The weed was up and the foliage was dense. I managed to find the fish pretty quickly and found a clear spot between weed beds to intercept them. I baited my spot with 2kg of Mainline Activ-8 and fished my chod-in-a-bag method using my ever-faithful Korda Kaptor Choddy hooks.

Well, early the next morning I managed two takes; a 19lb common and one of the nicest commons I’ve set eyes on, the Strawberry Common at 32lb 12oz. Its colours were indescribable, as I lifted her up for the camera. I was over the moon that I’d ticked another one of the A-Team members off the list! As I left that morning I baited the spot I’d had both fish from with 4kg of Activ-8, priming it ready to get back down there later in the week.

Buzzing to get back down, I returned for another overnighter on the Wednesday night, fishing to the same spots with the same rigs. Well, the fish definitely got on the bait. I had one of the best night’s fishing in my whole angling career. I managed to nail three more A-Team members, the White-Tips mirror at 32lb, the Goggle Eyed Common at 32lb 8oz and Yellow Belly’s Mate at 34lb 8oz, plus a 17lb common. What a session; four of the seven A-Team fish in two nights. I honestly couldn’t have dreamt of a better result. With only one more A-Team member to go, hopefully in the next couple of weeks, she’ll slip up and finally be mine, completing the full A-Team collection.