Big hit of French carp for Dean Macey at Lesmont!

Dean Macey has been having some great overseas carp trips recently, and a session at Lac Des Lesmont, in France, produced a 12 fish haul, including five forties!

The venue, near Reims, is owned by retired professional footballer Lee Bowyer, and Dean made the most of his trip by utilising a bait boat for the fast time, as it was essential to drop his rigs more accurately than he could cast them.

His week went to plan and he topped his haul with a 48lb 12oz mirror, along with other chunks of 46lb 12oz and 46lb 8oz.

Dean explained: “I was fishing two rods tight to the far margin, about 50 yards apart, at ranges of between 50 and 70 yards, and although I could easily cast there I couldn’t ensure that my rigs would land where they needed to be to get a bite. I was fishing to the far margin shelf, which was steep, but did have some small 18 inch wide steps on it, and I had all my bites fishing in 9ft of water. At the bottom of the shelf it was 16ft deep and I never had a bite there!

“I was driving my Waverunner MKIII bait boat halfway across the lake and then running round to the far side so I could see exactly where I was dropping the rig and making sure it was in the same place each time. Had I been casting then I couldn’t have ensured that the rig landed on the ledge and didn’t roll down to the bottom of the shelf.

“At this time of year I like to use Cell boilies as they seem to work really well in colder water, and I was baiting with a mixture of chopped boilies and corn, putting in around a kilo over each rod every time I put it back out. Rather than just putting bait over the spots, I was baiting along all of the far margin in front of me so that the carp wouldn’t get wary of feeding on my areas.

“I was also winding in for around four hours during the middle of the day, as all my bites were coming early morning and late evening, so I could give the swim a rest with no lines through it, and it seemed to work.

“The lake has quite a few crayfish in it so I wanted to keep my rigs as simple as possible so that they wouldn’t tangle them, and I opted for a simple knotless knot with coated braid and just the hair stripped back. I was fishing a Diamond White Wafter soaked in Betalin and presented on a size 4 Krank hook to 20lb N-Trap Semi-Stiff and 15lb Touchdown, plus 15 inches of Dark Matter tubing and a Hybrid lead clip with a 4oz flat pear, to help prevent it rolling.”