Big Commons Braced - Jim Wilson

“Even though this year has been kind to me considering how much time I’ve had, I still haven’t managed to get on the bank as often as I would have liked. This is always the case when you try to juggle a busy work life around family and fishing, we all know how hard that can be. The last eight weeks have taken all that to a whole new level, after recently moving house. So, the thought of getting my rods out hasn’t even crossed my mind. Now we’ve finally settled in, I jumped straight at the opportunity to get the rods back out.
I arrived at my syndicate on Sunday afternoon, half expecting there to be a few people still on from the weekend. To my surprise there wasn’t anybody else on the lake, which is very rare, especially this time of year and with the weather conditions looking so good; things really did look good for some action.
Being out of touch and not in tune with the lake, I spent a lot of time walking around, especially in some of the more favourable areas, where they are known too hold up at this time of year. In my travels around the lake I didn’t see any signs that had me racing to get my gear, instead, I fetched my brew kit and sat in area with a good view of the lake. I gave it for a few hours and with little fish activity, I decided to fish an area that I have had some success in this year, obviously this was a gamble, but I had nothing else to go on.
Knowing the area, I clipped my rods up on my previous spots and put some bait out. The mix consisted of whole and chopped Mainline Cell boilies, mixed with Hybrid over the three different spots. Knowing I had 48-hours at my disposal, I wanted to put a bed of bait out, hoping that at some point they would come over me and I’d hold them on the areas for longer periods.
It wasn’t until the early hours of the following morning that I had my first action of the trip. A short, sharp fight resulted in an upper-double stocky. I soon had the rod straight back out on the spot. A few hours later the same rod was away with a low-twenty common. I was absolutely chuffed to bits with two bites on my first night back after such a break; I felt there was the chance of another. Around midday, with no further action, I decided to top up the spots and re-baited heavily, this time leaving the rods out for a few hours to let the area settle, which is something I do quite regularly. It might sound strange, but resting an area and giving the carp free food will build their confidence up. I rested the area for a good few hours and then at 5pm I got my rods back out for the second night. It really did feel good. Unfortunately my next bite resulted in a hook pull, to say I was gutted would be an understatement.
The following morning the same rod pulled up tight. Straight away I knew it was a better fish. It stayed deep all through the battle and finally slipped into my net. It took me a while to get myself together, it was clearly a very big fish and looked like one I really wanted to catch. I waited a short while to get an extra helping hand. Once I put her on the scales, they whacked around to an incredible 46lb 2oz! It also confirmed it was one that I dearly wanted too catch. I slipped it into a retention sling for us both to get our breath back and waited for my friend to come round and do the honours with the pictures. Whilst sat there having a celebratory brew, one of my other rods was away. A similar fight resulted in a stunning 35lb 12oz. What a brace and what a welcome back.”