Big Changes at Gigantica

Korda UK has taken over the bookings for Gigantica from 12th November 2011, the start of the winter season. This means that all bookings will now be handled directly by Korda employees who have actually fished Gigantica. Therefore, the advice you that you get will be from good anglers who’ve been there and done it first hand. Angling Lines did a great job of handling the bookings and we wouldn’t hesitate to use them again but we simply have too many good people at Korda to not deal with the bookings ourselves.
This also means that you are now free to book your own ferries, which should give you more freedom in terms of crossing times and price. We have honoured all of the bookings for 2012 that Angling Lines had taken, up to the changeover point a month or so ago. So, the books are now open for new enquiries. You can enquire about available dates on 01268 820440, from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, or at any time by emailing bookings@gigantica-carp.com.
For anglers who have been before and struck up a friendship with Danny ‘Turtle’ Turley, please do not ask him about availability as bookings cannot be made through his email address, they can only be done by Gigantica UK. You are still free to contact Danny for updates on the fishing and tips for tackling the lake.
Fishing wise, the lake continues to amaze. The stock is now immense, with many big fish still piling the weight on. Recently, two Germans doubled up on Co’s Point taking Fudgy’s, which was last out in September ’09 at 60lb 8oz, except now it weighed a staggering 73lb 8oz. That’s a 13lb weight gain in 18 months without being on the bank. The same angler landed The Target the next night. It was last out in August ’07 at 51lb and now weighs an even more staggering 69lbs. That equals an 18lb gain in four years without being on the bank once in that time. Danny Fairbrass now estimates the stock as follows…
1 x 80 plus
5 x 70 plus
6 x 60 plus
40 x 50 plus
And at least 100 other forties!
Look out for a Gigantica article, full of tips and tactics as well as more information on the stock from Danny himself very soon on this site.