Big Carp Man Scoops Korda Job - James Turner

We’re delighted to announce the appointment of experienced carp man James Turner to the position of product developer. James will be known to many of you thanks to his big-carp-catching exploits and his appearance in magazines and on our own Thinking Tackle TV show.

James has left a job in crowd management to join Korda’s product development team, working closely with product development manager, Tom Dove. So, why leave a seven-year career to join Korda? James explains,

“This was simply too good an opportunity to pass up. Fishing is my passion and the chance to come and work with like-minded people in the sport that I love made my decision easy. This particular role appealed because I’ve never quite been happy with certain items of tackle! I’m always tweaking them and using products in a slightly different manner to that which they were intended! In my previous job attention to detail was key, so I’m confident that those levels of scrutiny will transfer across to my new job.”

Many people think that to secure a job at Korda you simply have to be a good angler. The reality couldn’t be more different! Of course, the fact that James is a passionate and experienced carper is hugely helpful, but other skills are nonetheless vital, as Tom explains,

“We’re all very pleased to have JT on board, he’s a very well respected catcher of big carp and has a very meticulous mind which will help him around the product development office. James’ new role is a natural progression for him after being a key Korda consultant for many years. We noticed that James has a very keen eye for detail and has an excellent knowledge of carp fishing product - it’s just a shame that he’s ginger!”

We’re sure that James’ input will soon bear fruit and have an influence on the products that you see in your local Korda stockist. Welcome aboard James!