Big Carp Brace for Luke Vallory

Luke Vallory has been one of the most consistent anglers on the big-fish circuit in recent times, and his run of impressive results just got a whole lot more impressive!

Targeting a notoriously tricky, big pit in the south of England, Luke landed a brace of carp for just under 100lb!

After the pit had thrown up some of its bigger fish, Luke decided to pull out all the stops and try to add to his most recent result, a 45lb 8oz mirror called Baby Bazil, “I decided to stay an extra night as two big mirrors had been caught on consecutive days,” he told us, “I had it in my head the other big girls were down the end I was fishing and they were slipping up!”

The big girl fell to a trusty size-4 Wide Gape, tied to N-Trap Semi Stiff.

Luke spooled up with 15lb SUBbraid.

Targeting an island at 80 yards, Luke deployed N-Trap Semi Stiff rigs, tied to size-4 Wide Gape hooks over two kilos of 16mm Manilla freebies and half a kilo of bloodworm pellets. After getting everything as right as possible for the last night of his session, Luke finally managed to get his head down after receiving multiple bleeps from crayfish.

Around 4:45am the bobbin jammed up to the rod and he was away. Luke takes up the story, “I shot up and bent into what felt a big fish, and after a hit-and-hold battle to get her away from the island, I gradually started to gain on her… slowly but surely she was coming in. I could see her head on, looking straight at me in 3ft of water and noticed her incredible width as I eased her towards me. I kept as calm as I could and as soon as she went over the net cord I knew that I had El’s, the biggest fish in the lake. I sat down and rolled a fag trying to gather my thoughts. I eventually stopped shaking and decided to get the rod back out for what it was worth! I found a similar rig in my rig wallet, except that the hook was a size-6 and not a 4. I gave the hook a sharpen and got it bang on the spot again.”

After the great fish was weighed at 53lb 8oz, the call went out for photographers, but the action wasn’t over for Luke, as he soon discovered! “My mates came round to help me with the weighing and photographing of El’s. Just as we were preparing everything, the rod I’d just cast back out was ripping off! I quickly picked up the rod and walked back to get her away from the island, and as I did she broke the surface creating a big ripple. The atmosphere was electric, we all knew it was another good ’un, and after an intense fight I landed Baby Bazil, the second biggest mirror in the lake. A repeat capture after only catching her six weeks previously, but these things happen!”

Well done Luke, from all at Korda!

Luke banked the big girl on his trusty size-4 Wide Gapes, tied to N-Trap Semi Stiff.

He spooled up with SUBbraid in 15lb.