Big carp angler Marc Cavaciuti banks himself a beauty!

Marc has put a number of big fish on the bank over the years and this year is no exception!

Marc Landed himself a carp that he is all too familiar with having made his acquaintance earlier in the year.

Marc explained “I arrived at the lake in the early hours of the morning 3:30 to be precise in the hours of darkness, I was hoping to find some showing fish in the vacant swims.

“As I pulled in there were a few guys on but I was surprised at just how quiet the lake was, what usually is a good time to see fish show left me puzzled as I saw no signs until 5:30am, when suddenly I heard a fish bosh in front of me.

“Sitting in a swim called Middle Pads the waves quickly lapped in the margins, arriving back in the swim with my tackle I gingerly flicked three chod’s to the rough area where the fish had showed as I sat watching the sun come up.

“The lake was still surprisingly quiet that morning and around ten o’clock I decided that I would stay put, I knew of some good areas but really wanted to be spot fishing, not feeling that confident in fishing chod’s an hour or so later I found three small clearings in the black dead silk weed using my new marker lead, allowing me to fish my favorite adapted spinner rigs in mega clean pockets.

“With the spots being so small I halved a couple of kilos of the krill using my kutter and left a few kilos of whole boilies and broke out the spod rod, using a mini spomb I carefully shared the bait over the three small holes.

“With the lake still seeming quiet and not doing many fish that week I still felt confident of a bite, a few hours later and completely out of the blue the left-hand rod whipped round and was away.

“After a long and heavy fight, I knew I was into a good fish and when it popped-up ready to be scooped I didn’t recognise it but it looked big, very big! Once in the net I saw the floppy tail of a fish called the Peach with my size 4 kurve neatly fastened in the bottom lip.

“Having not been caught since spring when I was lucky enough to take some pictures for James Cottee, I thought it could be big but none of us expected the dial to spin round to 47lb, I was buzzing!

“Trying my best to remain calm throughout the day a quiet night led to a quiet following day, I lightly re-baited all three spots not expecting much more to happen, usually I would have moved but they lake wasn’t giving much away.

“On my last morning, I awoke to what again seemed a lifeless lake, however, through the binoculars I could make out some bubbling over my middle rod, filled with anticipation I stayed up on the high bank not wanting to approach my rods just in case it was carp and not the lakes roach population digging out my softened freebies.

“As mid-day came the middle rod was away and after a wild fight I managed to land a pristine 41lb 10oz common, much to my amazement it kept passing krill on the mat. Good times!