Big brace of mirrors from the Manor for Simon Kenny!

Simon Kenny has been enjoying a good run of fish from the Essex Manor, culminating in a brace of mirrors weighing in at 88lb 4oz!

He had a fish known as Heart Tail in the net, at 39lb 4oz, when he received a take on another rod and landed one of the biggest fish in the lake, the Peach at 49lb!

Simon explained: “This is my second season on the Manor and I was particularly looking forward to the spring now that I had a years experience on the water under my belt.

“It can be a challenging water as not only are you up against carp which have seen everything, but it can also be extremely busy. Things didn’t start the way that I’d planned and I always seemed to be one step behind.

“Things started to turn in my favour in May when I got on the end of a warm south-westerly and banked a 29lb common, not big by Manor standards but it proved that my tactics were sound.

“My next opportunity came a couple of weeks later when I turned up about midday on the Sunday and a northerly was pumping into the car park end of the lake and a lot of fish were there, but unfortunately all the swims were taken so I had to make do with being as close as possible.

“I’d noticed a few times this year that the fish were backing off of the wind, and Monday afternoon I got the sign I’d been looking for when I spotted a large mirror roll, and when I walked down to investigate I saw a number of fish show 15-20 yards from the bank.

“They were in front of a swim called the Garden, and I’d fished it before and knew there was a lovely clay patch near where they were showing, so I put two rods on that and cast the other where they were rolling repeatedly and spread 4kg of Sticky Baits Krill over the area.

“That night I felt very confident as not only was I seeing the occasional fish roll, but I was also the only one down this end of the lake!

“The take came at 8.30am with rain and wind lashing my brolly, when I had a series of bleeps then it was out of the clip and the spool started spinning. It fought long and hard but finally the beautiful Heart Tail was in the net.

“Things then got a little mad as before I could even unhook it the other rod on the clay spot was away and I was into a very slow and heavy fish. It rolled and I could see a massive dish-shaped fish, and I now had the tricky task of netting it without letting the other one out of the net.

“All went to plan and I couldn’t believe it when I looked in the net as I knew Heart Tail was an upper thirty, but the other one was in a different league! It was a truly amazing sight seeing those fish side by side in the net and finally everything had come good.”

Due to the lake bed being covered with silkweed, Simon opted for a Krill Pink Ones pop-up presented on a combi-rig tied using a size 4 Choddy hook to 25lb Mouth Trap, and N-Trap Soft for the boom section to ensure it settled over the weed. He also used a Hybrid lead clip to ensure the lead was dropped immediately.