Bennett Bags Up - Josh Bennett

Josh Bennett has been back in touch after another great run of recent form, which all came about after he made a few changes to his approach…

“Since finishing a little winter stint on Oxlease, I have done eight nights back on the syndicate this year for total of 34 fish. It's really paying me back well and I believe a lot of that success has come down to a few tweaks I have made.

I have simplified the mix from last year, taking out the mixed particle, ground bait and corn and instead added liquids to enhance the pulling power of the concoction. I’m putting a lot of the Tails Up OCM boilie in mixed sizes into the mix and just a few Hinders' Little Gemz pellets and hemp. The main liquid I am using is the new Betalin & Black Slime, which is a heavy liquid, combined this with some 'lighter' oil. It makes the whole mix ooze attraction and provides an instant draw to the area through the differing layers of the water column.

I have also changed my rigs over to Korda COG systems and so far so good! They fly incredibly true and I have noticed they fall through the water slower than a usual lead clip system, allowing me to feel the drop with a lot more accuracy. This recent session saw me take 13 fish to 29lb 1oz and although I can't get back for a couple of weeks I'm sure this year will be a good one judging by the way it's begun!”

Nice one Josh – keep ‘em coming!