Bell's New PB - Lee Bell

There are far more carpers at Korda than just those who you see in the magazines of on TV. In fact, most of our staff fish for carp – which makes for a very fertile working environment! Lee Bell is one such employee. He works in the despatch department and is also a long-time carper. He recently beat his PB from a new water, so of course we had to ask him how he did it. Here’s his story…

“Thanks to Paul Harris and fishery manager Tony Pocock, I have managed to beat my PB for first time in four years. I have just joined a fantastic venue on the Medway Valley complex where not only are the carp big, but they look like your grandad had carved them from mahogany and varnished them too. I arrived at the lake on a Friday evening and with some great help from Tony, I found a nice silt patch at 40yds range and at the bottom of a ledge in15ft of water. It was so steep that as soon as the marker had hit the side of the ledge, it wouldn’t come up at all.
I weighed out two kilos of 18mm Mainline Cell and catapulted it out in a line around the marker along with 30 Funnel Web bags of crushed Cell so that hopefully the Funnel Web bag I was using on my rig would not look so conspicuous.
I clipped up to rods to the spot and they just happened to go out beautifully first cast (this doesn’t normally happen!). About three hours later my girlfriend exclaimed, “Oh my god! It looked like a shark’s fin!” She’d seen a carp’s head pop out of the water and it was massive! She told me where this had happened and it was bang on my baited area. About an hour later I had a slow take from the spot and slipped the net under my new PB of 35lb 1oz.”