Battle of Britain Champs Crowned - Billy Flowers and Jamie Londors

Korda Carp Team England international anglers, Billy Flowers and Jamie Londors have recently returned victorious from a match held in France. The venue this time around was the prolific Lac De Premiere and the match, dubbed ‘The Battle of Britain’, saw teams from UK fishing tackle manufacturers fight it out for the top prize.
Jamie told us how the session unfolded…

“It’s very rare for Billy and myself not to practice on a venue. This time around we were unable to go across the channel and fish the lake. So, we had to go with out an open mind and be well prepared for the unexpected. We traveled over well armed with bait and tackle; to be honest we took the proverbial kitchen sink so that we had everything covered. We had spoken to a few people that had fished the lake before, so we had a rough idea what to expect.

We drew out peg 16, which is apparently one of the better swims, so our confidence was high and we felt we were in with a chance. The shotgun signaled the start of the 72-hour match at 9am. Straight away we both spent some time with our marker rods, hoping to find some areas. It wasn’t long before we’d mapped out the swim; it was pretty much flat all over, with no features, so we knew bait would make the difference in this situation. We decided to both fish the same baited area, to pull the fish in creating our own feature. Bait choice was a mixture of Hinders Hemp, Big Bite Combo pellets, chopped 15mm and 18mm Cell and Response Pellets to match. Hook-baits were 18mm Cell, tipped with Hinders Betalin pop-ups. When it came down to the business end, we kept things simple, using size-4 Wide Gapes on blow back set-ups.

The whole lake fished incredibly slow in the days, so we kept the bait going in on a little-and-often basis. It was in the nights when the action came thick and fast. Over the 72 hours we took fish weighing, 10lb, 15lb, 18lb, 21lb, 22lb, 24lb, two at 26lb, 28lb, 32lb, two at 34lb, 35lb, topped off with two cracking forties. The match had a bit of a twist to it, because only five fish could be weighed in. Through the match you had to pick out the biggest and put on the scoreboard. So rather than trying to single out a bigger fish, we tried to catch as many as possible and hoped that the bigger ones would come along.

Our plan worked; when the final horn sounded we were in first place, shortly followed by good friends Jerry Bridger and Matt Quibell, who finished in a well-deserved second position.

Overall it was a great match that we both thoroughly enjoyed.