Awesome Hauling - Dave Finn

Dave Finn recently enjoyed an amazing session at his Colne Valley syndicate water, banking a five-fish catch, topped by a cracking forty. He takes up the story…

“I decided to return to my Colne Valley water after a short break as the fishing had started to really pick up. I had booked a couple of days off work to take advantage of the good conditions. Fish were in the area and clearly on the feed. I deposited half a bucket of hemp, pellet, corn and chops onto a prominent feature.
Tactics wise, I always try to keep things relatively simple. I believe that location and feeling the lead drop cleanly onto the spot are far more important. Both Kaptor Kurv and Wide Gapes in size-six were used in conjunction with N-Trap Semi Stiff and Soft. Hybrid lead clips and Dark Matter tubing completed the setup.
I didn’t have to wait long before the left-hand rod melted off and after a good fight a 36lb 4oz common was soon hoisted aloft for the cameras. I was buzzing and sent a text to my mate Elliott Gray with the good news. He replied saying, “You will have a forty pounder, another two upper-thirty commons, a 25lb mirror and another scraper forty”. I laughed loudly at his prediction thinking he was mad, but thought that the swim was rocking and I should fish as hard as I possibly could and decided to give them another half bucket of mix. Just after midnight I netted one of the A-Team called The Long Common, its weight was 42lb. The venue has a no-sacking policy so we got some night shots done before I slipped the fish back. I cast back out onto the spot and, with the lead landing with a satisfying donk, I decided to give it another 20 spods.
Amazingly, an hour later I was away again. Despite the fish trying to weed me up on several occasions I was able to net a plump-looking mirror. The Reubens spun round and registered 25lb. With the photos done I grabbed my phone and read Elliott’s text again… this was mad! So far he had predicted the forty correctly and now a 25lb mirror. I stayed awake for most of the night convinced that within minutes I’d have another chance. At 3am the rod that produced the forty burst into life. The Wide Gape held firm and after dumping the lead on the take I was able to net a pukka-looking 36lb common.
The day was pretty uneventful. Apart from a few texts and tweets from people congratulating me on my catches there was nothing else to report. With new rigs on and another bucket of spod mix deposited I settled in for the night, hoping that the last pieces of Elliott’s prediction would come true. I was mega tired and slept well. At 5am the following morning I was awoken to a one-toner. After a good battle I had another lump gracing the net. I set about weighing the fish and the scales swung round to 35lb, another part of the jigsaw complete. I had to be off to work that morning but I stayed for as long as I dared. I couldn’t quite fulfil Elliott’s prediction, nevertheless I went home a very happy man.
Any chance you can give me your lottery prediction Elliott?