Autumn Hauling- Matt Jackson

Matt Jackson’s recent roll of success continues and there’s a secret tactic behind it! Here’s his story…

“Well, it seems that the run of luck that started on my first trip back to the big pit has continued. In the last three trips back I have now managed six fish in total, including another two 40lb plus mirrors and a 38lb common. So that’s mirrors of 30lb, 37lb, 41lb, 41lb 8oz and 43lb 8oz and a common of 38lb in three weeks fishing! Considering the lake is still rammed out and only one or two other guys have even caught in the last three weeks it makes the result even more satisfying.

Since the first fish I have changed the approach slightly to compete with the pressure and hopefully give myself an edge over the other anglers. It certainly seems to have worked. The second trip, and first time out with the new approach, I basically camped in a swim waiting for the weather to turn and get a chance to fish effectively. The first evening I managed to get the rods done properly it resulted in three takes during the night, including The Linear and the Big Common within a few hours of each other.

The full story of the captures and the secret to of my recent success will be in the January issue of Total Carp magazine. So if you want to find out what my big edge has been then be sure to grab a copy!”