Ashley Rich lands Fudgy's from Gigantica at 82lb!

Ashley Rich’s dream came true this morning when he banked the biggest carp in the Gigantica complex – the mighty mirror known as Fudgy’s at 82lb!

Ashley had got off to the worst possible start at the Main Lake on the famous holiday complex in northern France, when he came last out of the draw for swims, but then his fishing partner Jim Povey offered to let him double up with him, and this resulted in him smashing his previous best by over 30lb!

Ashley explained: “It had been a tricky week and I felt really despondent when I was last in the draw, but then Jim let me fish with him in the Alamo.

“I opted to fish all three rods at 24 wraps towards Bob’s Beach and kept the bait tight, putting out a combination of whole and chopped Mainline Cell and Essential Cell, plus some hemp oil. I put out 15 large Spombs over the spot each day to keep freshening it up.

“I was fishing a Mainline Cell dumbbell topped with a 10mm Banoffee pop-up on IQ D-rigs, which I tied using 20lb IQ2 to a size 6 Kurv hook, in conjunction with a Heli-Safe System.

“The bite came at 6.30am on the Friday morning and that sparked a slow, ponderous fight which really got my legs shaking until I was finally able to slip the net under my dream fish. Initially I thought that it was a good fifty and I called fishery manager Andy Savage to come round.

“So when the scales settled on 82lb my jaw nearly hit the floor as it had totally smashed my previous PB!

“Taking photos was quite difficult as the fish was as thick as my forearm and it was a bit lively, but finally it settled down and we got some great shots. It really was a session to remember!”

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