Anyone for a Social?

Once a year, we gather our sponsored anglers together for a social weekend. It gives us chance to spend some quality time off with people we work closely with. It’s a chance for them to let their hair down, catch up with the team, eat some good food, have a beer or three, and hopefully catch a few carp.

Our venue of choice was the famous Horseshoe Lake.
The facilities are second to none, which made catering for nearly twenty hungry anglers a lot easier. Especially given the help that we received from Miles the fishery manager. His generous hospitality made us all feel welcome and I have to say, we couldn’t have picked a better venue.

The anglers arrived throughout the day on Friday, a dull and windy spring day; ideal conditions for angling, but not for a social gathering. Thankfully the weather came good in the end, though. Everyone got set up in their chosen swims, found some areas, clipped up and reeled in for the evening BBQ. This was the first time everyone was together, so there were plenty of stories, laughs and time for them to unwind and have a beer.

The following morning everyone was greeted with a bacon sandwich, making sure we kept the troops fueled for the day ahead. Unfortunately, the lake fished slowly over the weekend, but it didn’t take long for Dave Finn to get among them. Fishing out of Winter Disabled swim, he managed an upper-double, heavily plated mirror, a typical Horseshoe belter. Through the day Baitworks owner Mark Bryant and Mr. Carp, Simon Scott, couldn’t resist a stalk around the large venue, unfortunately without success, but they made the most of the blazing sunshine at least.

That afternoon, all the anglers gathered for a product meeting, which was well presented by our very own James Turner. He gave all the anglers the heads-up on the new products that are due to be released this year. Getting their opinion on products and hopefully getting some new ideas is vital to our growth, and although we didn’t want to work them too hard, it was great to get their input on some of our products.

Moments before the meeting, we were all called to Ed Betteridge’s swim known as Choppy’s, because he had a lovely big scaly mirror in the net. Everyone reeled in, and made their way over to witness the beast and see what Horseshoe has to offer. The lovely carp weighed in at 30lb 6oz and the fact that everyone was there made the moment even better.

After all the activities through the day, it was time re-charge the batteries and have another meat feast on the BBQ. The evening’s gathering was a little shorter-lived than the night before, I guess that’s a mixture of tired heads and keenness to get the rods out; after being inspired by Ed’s capture everyone wanted a slice of the action.

Pete Castle was fishing off Winter Point and caught a mid-double that was a true little woodcarving. It certainly looks like the future’s bright if the fish coming through look anything like that one.

While the delivery of the bacon sandwiches was making its way around Dave Finn managed another character off his baited area. Then sadly it was time to pack up, but what a great weekend, lots of banter, stunning fish, great company and lots of laughs.

A big thanks to everyone at Horseshoe for their hospitality and making this great weekend possible.