Any carp is a result when temperatures start to plummet!

Plunging overnight temperatures nearly put an end to Lawrence East’s recent run of success, when the water he had been targeting switched off, but he still managed to avoid a blank before packing up.

Lawrence was fishing on the local club water where he had been catching plenty of fish recently, but with the thermometer dropping to zero at night, he didn’t fancy his chances too much, especially as the area he had been consistently catching from had suddenly become very popular with other anglers!

He explained: “What a difference a few days makes, as it had been 11 degrees at night but was now down around zero, and having had a few fish on my last night at my main club water, I decided to return there.

“With fish having been caught, the peg that I had been fishing was taken, so when I arrived with my dad we set up next door in a double swim for a bit of a social, and this would give us access to the same body of water where the fish had been.

“My tactics were very similar to those on my previous trip, with two Spombs of bait over each rod, but this time I decided to fish further out as I had been seeing them show there on my last trip, and I found a nice silty gulley at 100 yards, where I put all three rods.

“I was using hi-viz white 15mm Mainline Milky Toffee pop-ups, which I’d trimmed down, and I was fishing them on multi rigs. These were tied using 20lb Kamo with size 6 Kurv hooks, and the hookbaits were mounted on a micro ring swivel, rather than a rig ring, to give the bait more movement. I sharpen all my hooks using the JAG file and then use the JAG marker pen to cover the point so that it doesn’t rust.

“My spod mix was made up from 10mm Mainline Cell and Hybrid boilies, corn, chickpeas, and matching Mainline Response pellets which had been soaked in Mainline Fos Oil the night before and then placed in the freezer to stop them breaking down before I used them, and all the boilies were soaked in Meta Mino liquid, and again frozen so they soaked it in more.

“I knew that the hours of daylight would be a struggle for a bite, as for the past 6 weeks bite time had been during the hours of darkness, so I got my Tempest Composite set up and didn’t fish for the first few hours, putting my rods out shortly before dark to give the fish a chance to gain confidence on the spot with no lines in the water.

“Whether it was down to my plan or not I’m not sure, but as midnight approached my left-hand rod was away, and I immediately knew that it wasn’t a stockie. After a ten minute battle in the lake in my waders, I slipped the net under a mid-twenty and by that point I could hardly feel my hands as the water was absolutely Baltic and winter was certainly upon us.

“The fish was a really clean, thick set mirror and it made the trip well worthwhile, even though nothing else happened for the remainder of the night and the following morning. I decided to rest the swim again after topping it up with five more Spombs of bait, and then put the rods back out around 3.30pm in the hope of nicking another bite that night. The drop in temperature had a massive effect on the fish and we didn’t see a single fish show, let alone have any more action. I’ll be moving onto another water now that winter has probably arrived and will be hoping to bump into the big mirror in there.”