Another Yateley North Lake result for Russell Godfrey!

Russel Godfrey has been having a fantastic year on Yateley North Lake, and his run of success continued with two more fish on his latest session.

So far this year he’d been having a run of big commons from the famous Hampshire venue, including the biggest one in there at just under 50lb, but this time it was a couple of mirrors that put in an appearance, including a 37lb cracker, plus another of 29lb 8oz.

Both came during a 24 hour session, with Russell explaining: “I arrived on the Saturday afternoon, and chatting with the other guys who were fishing, it had been very quiet.

“I chose to fish the Middle Works swim, but then just as I was setting up I saw a fish show in the Main Works, and I knew that there was a clear gravel spot down the side of an island about 100 yards out in front of this swim, as I’d fished it before.

“I moved in there and put out about 5 kilos of chopped Sticky Baits Manila boilies mixed with pellets, corn and salt, fishing my two rods about 6ft apart on the area.

“Nothing happened during the night, but at 7am the next morning my left hand rod was away and when I landed it I was greeted by a lovely old-looking 37lb mirror, which was a new PB for me.

“After doing the photos and returning the fish I was just sorting my rod out and was about to cast it back to the spot when the other rod sprung into life! This one gave me a really hard battle, but in the end I won and landed my second mirror of the session at 29lb 8oz.”

Russell fished a pink Signature pop-up on a combi-rig constructed using 20lb IQ as a boom section with just a centimetre of Supernatural braid tied to a size 6 Wide Gape hook. This was fished helicopter style with a 3.5oz Distance lead and 20lb Subline.