Another successful session for Craig Runham at Cranwells!

Craig Runham has been continuing to catch at Cranwells Lake, on the Wasing estate, and it can surely only be a matter of time before he is rewarded with its famous resident, the Parrot, which holds the current British record.

Having seen some fish showing, Craig was feeling very confident, and when one of them finally did make a mistake, it wasn’t the big mirror, but was still a very welcome ghostie common of 28lb.

Craig revealed: “I was slightly despondent as the forecast was for strong winds and rain, but with clear skies and a cold night to follow, and I only had 24 hours available to play with. The lake had been fishing very slow, and after walking all the way round I still hadn’t seen anything to go on, so I went with my gut instinct and settled on a swim that gave me a view of 75% of the lake.

“I got all three rods out, and then had to quickly put the brolly up as the heavens opened and the wind started to pick up, and it felt like a storm had set in for the evening. My attention was drawn to an area of shallows as a fish cleared the water, not once but three times, and I hurriedly positioned a rod on the area.

“The nights have been very quiet in terms of action, and this one was no different, but I still set my alarm for 2am and woke up for an hour to see if I could hear anything, so that I would have something to go on for the morning. I didn’t see or hear anything, but was up again at 6am and went through my normal ritual of ‘chain-drinking’ tea whilst watching the water like a hawk, but it wasn’t until 9am that I saw the first one show, and that was just to the left of the shallower water, so I decided to redo another rod and put it in five foot of water.

“I put a new white Key Bait Solutions Nut pop-up on my hinged stiff rig and balanced it in the margins, before casting it out and feeling the lead crash down with a massive ‘donk’, followed by a few handfuls of Nut boilies. I’d up my lead size to 4oz on a Heli-Safe set-up, as I knew from previous experience that the area was clean, and I was very careful when sinking my 20lb Touchdown main line, so as not to move the rig at all as I was fishing on a ledge.

“The rod hadn’t been in the water for more than 30 minutes before another fish stuck its head out over that area and I was feeling extremely confident. An hour later the bobbin rose two inches and I ran to the rod and watched as the line cut through the water and then dropped back. I assumed that a pike browsing the margins was to blame and started to walk back to my bivvy, but was stopped by two more bleeps and I could see my line flickering on the surface.

“I walked back to the rod the bobbin rose another inch and that was enough for me to pick the rod up and pulled into a solid resistance, and a tap on the tip had me in no doubt that I was attached to my second carp of the year.

“It felt slow and heavy all the way in from a hundred yards out and I hadn’t had to give it an inch of line, and my legs started to shake as the adrenaline began pumping, and I was convinced that I was about to see a big fish in the clear, cold water. But as it came into view I could see it was one of the ghost commons and it came straight over the out-stretched net.

“On inspection, my hook was only just in the skin at the end of its bottom lip and luckily it hadn’t thought hard as I’m not sure I would have landed it otherwise. That was the end of the action and I was soon packing away.”

Successful tackle for Craig included a Heli-Safe Lead Release System with a 4oz Heli-Lead and his hinged stiff rig was constructed using 25lb Mouthtrap with 35lb Boom and a size 6 Choddy hook.