Another Rainbow Lake monster common for Alan Taylor!

Alan Taylor certainly has a knack of catching big commons from Rainbow Lake in France at the moment, with his latest trip producing another monster!

This time Alan only had two bites during his two week trip and had to wait a week for the first of those, but it was well worth as it was this fantastic 73lb common, which he then followed up with another of 37lb a few days later.

Alan, who is no stranger to big fish from the venue, having landed a fish known as the Perfect Common at 86lb 4oz just a few weeks back, revealed: “It is often very slow going at this time of the year and it had only recently re-opened after the annual shutdown where they put lime in to adjust the pH of the lake.

“The nights were still very cold and there were only really a couple of swims that were producing regularly, and some weren’t getting any action at all.

“I was in peg 17 and from this swim you fish to the far bank where a load of big pine trees have fallen into the margins, some of which are 50ft long, and you’re basically fishing as tight as you can, but that still means you are quite far from the bank and in at least 12ft of water.

“I fish locked up tight and the whole time you’re sat there watching your rod tips for any sign of movement, and I use a bell clipped onto the tip. With a roller buzzer you tend not to get any sort of indication until the line is actually moving through the roller, but the bell gives you fractionally earlier indication, which can make a difference.

“As soon as a fish is hooked it is a case of hanging on and walking back to get it away from the snags, and then I get into the boat to get over the top of it and on as short a line as possible as there are still some snags to worry about even in the deeper water.

“Because of how slow the fishing had been I decided to bait very lightly as there was no point keeping throwing loads in when they clearly weren’t really having it, and I just fed a small amount of Essential Cell boilies around each rod and a PVA bag of crushed boilies attached to the hook.

“It fought well and once it came up on the surface I had trouble getting it to go into the net, but one last shake of the net and it was mine, but it was only when I got back to the bank and went to lift it that I realised just how big it was!”

Both fish fell to bottom baits fished on Kurv Shank XX hooks to 65lb DuraKord, 60lb Snag Leader XT and 50lb braided main line.