Another Rainbow haul for Alan Taylor!

Alan Taylor has been having an amazing run of success at French carp mecca Rainbow Lake this year, and his latest session continued that trend!

Alan had already landed two monstrous commons of 83lb 4oz and 73lb on a couple of previous trips this year, and that continued when he topped a 20 fish haul with another big common of 69lb 8oz.

Alongside the big common, he also had four other fish over 50lb and six forties, and explained: “I returned to Rainbow for another session and I was in one of my favourite swims for the time of year, Peg 17.

“I’d fished this swim before so I know it quite well, and although sometimes things can change drastically with new trees falling in and creating new snags, or old snags sinking deeper into the margins as supporting branches rot away, the swim is actually quite a simple one to fish.

“Basically the water drops away from the near margin to a depth of around 30 foot before rising up towards the far bank, where masses of trees lay in the far margins in varying depths and are home to some massive carp!

“At the start of the session I went out in the boat with my trusty ‘donking’ rod and prodding pole for a scout around the spots that I intended to fish, and it soon became apparent that the swim had previously been fished by someone with inadequate gear. There were yards and yards of line between the snags with leads permanently attached, but I managed to remove it all with the grappling hook and rope which I always carry for such situations.

“By the time I’d finished I had four nice clear spots in depths of between 12ft and 21ft and was confident that I would be able to extract fish from all of them.

“My rods were already rigged up with my usual set-up for Rainbow – 50lb Apex main line to eight metres of 50lb XT Snag Leader and two metres of Kable leadcore, and my rigs were tied using 50lb Kamo coated braid and Kurv Shank XX hooks, with a 6oz or 8oz COG lead.

“The rigs were lowered onto precise spots with the aid of a prodding pole and I sprinkled some Mainline Hybrid boilies around each, with my hookbaits being ones which I’d hand-rolled.

“As always, my rods were fished locked up and strapped to the rod rests with bells attached to the tip for early indication – being on the rods as quickly as possible is essential to landing fish. Once a fish is hooked I walk backwards slowly to get them away from the snags and into deeper water, where I can then play and land them from the bank.

“The action was pretty steady throughout my trip and my tactics worked as I had twenty bites and landed all of them!”