Another Biggie For Martin - Martin Pick

It’d be fair to say that Martin Pick is one angler who’s had an outstanding 2013 so far. He’s banked a rake of big fish from Wellington Country Park, as well as his Midlands syndicate water and his run of form shows no sign of tailing off. After a short break from Welly, our man headed back there and immediately found himself in action again! He explains how his latest big fish ended up in his net right here…

“Because the weather had been so hot I hadn’t been fishing at Wellington for over a month. When I finally arrived, I had a walk around and found a few fish milling around in a tiny little swim at the end of a long finger bay. The heavens then suddenly opened, it seemed to rain for ages so I set up in that swim for the first night. I hadn’t fished the swim before but couldn’t disturb the water too much or the fish would just move out.
I quietly underarmed some little blow-back, pop-up rigs tied with 15lb N-trap and size-6 Wide Gapes out and scattered a handful of boilies around them one by one. Just before dark one of the rods was away with a 27lb 4oz mirror. All of the disturbance must have spooked the rest of the fish out as I saw nothing else until the following day. I wound the rods in around dinner time and went for a walk to see if I could find something to move on. As soon as I looked in the little lake that joins the main lake, I could see quite a few fish on the surface. I quickly moved my kit and flicked them out again as quietly as I could.
I lost a fish almost straight the way that just powered into the pads. Again it looked like I’d spooked them out because I didn’t see much after that but just before dark a few fizz patches started making me think that I stood a realistic chance of a bite. Nothing happened though throughout the night, but just as it was getting light in the morning the right hand rod roared off! I couldn’t believe my eyes when this 41lb 14oz beast rolled into the waiting net.”