Angling Direct goes green and National Fishing Month benefits!

Angling Direct has joined other retailers in charging for plastic bags, but all proceeds will go towards helping get more people into angling!

The well-known chain of tackle shops is still small enough that it isn’t legally obliged to charge it’s customers 5p for every plastic bag, after the law changed in October 2015 to make the charge compulsory for larger retailers, such as supermarkets.

But it is doing so voluntarily after teaming up with the Angling Trades Association, and all the proceeds from these bags will go towards supporting National Fishing Month.

They have also come up with their own version of a hessian ‘Bag for Life’, to try and reduce the amount of litter created by these single-use plastic bags, and again the money raised will help fund NFM, which runs from July 22 to August 29.

Angling Direct managing director Darren Bailey enthused: “Participation initiatives like NFM are designed to attract newcomers into our sport, and with more anglers there is greater protection for our fisheries and the eco-system in general.

“Attracting new anglers means more future customers so it makes perfect business sense to generate money that can be donated to this type of initiative,” he added.

ATA chair and NFM coordinator, Naidre Werner, commented: “It’s fabulous that Angling Direct is supporting NFM in this way and I’m very grateful for their commitment.

“Without a doubt the money raised from this idea will contribute significantly to our coffers, and hopefully encourage others in the trade to come up with equally creative ways of supporting NFM.”

NFM is supported by Korda and Guru, and in 2015 those visiting White Acres were treated to master classes from the Guru team.

That included demonstrations and advice from England International Steve Ringer, plus Pemb Wrighting and Adam Rooney.