An in-depth look at Masterclass 4

The carp world is buzzing with news of the release of the eagerly awaited ‘Masterclass Volume 4’, and it is bigger and better than ever before!

Masterclass has always been packed full tips that will help you to put more fish on the bank, whatever level your angling is at - as well as being highly entertaining to watch and packed full of action - and this year we have crammed in even more, with four fantastic chapters covering a wide variety of different fishing.

With over three hours of fantastic footage to watch, featuring some of the biggest names in carp fishing, including Korda boss Danny Fairbrass, Tom Dove, Darrell Peck and Elliott Gray, as they give an insight into how they go about approaching various aspects of their fishing, and what has made them so successful at catching big carp, you can't afford to miss it!

During the course of the four chapters, the lads from Team Korda go through all of the latest tackle, bait and tactics which contribute to their continuing success, and explain how to get the best out them.

‘Masterclass Volume 4’ kicks off by showing how much fun a trip to France can be, when Korda descend upon Gigantica Main and Road lakes, and there are laughs aplenty as they sample some of the superb fishing on offer and bump into some of monsters that the venue is home to. Chapter One also runs through the rigs and bait that they use at the renowned French venue, and which will definitely help you to put more fish on the bank on your next trip abroad with your mates.

Particle fishing is an important part of your armoury, and not only is it a very effective tactic when fished properly, but it is also comparatively cheap, so Chapter Two sees Tom Dove going through exactly how he gets the best from a style of fishing that many anglers struggle to make work. Tom travels to the famous St Johns Lake, on the Linear Fisheries complex, where he goes into detail on various aspects of particle fishing – including where to get your bait from; the tackle which will help you to get the best from this style of fishing; and his favourite rigs.

Chapter Three focuses on a style of fishing that many anglers are scared of – how to tackle weedy waters and give yourself the best chance of landing anything that you hook. Tom Dove and Elliott Gray travel to the weed-choked Yateley Pads Lake and demonstrate the different tactics that each favours – this section is worth a watch just top see Elliott’s crazy home-made baiting pole being used!

Masterclass Volume 4 concludes with Danny Fairbrass and Darrell Peck travelling to a tricky lake in Germany to experience some amazing Spring fishing, where they crack the venue in style! They get amongst some truly stunning big mirrors and leathers, and show exactly how they go about approaching a shallow, low-stock pit.

Masterclass 4 is available now on our Masterclass section. The Free DVD will be available from your local Korda stockist from early February onwards.