An Early Present - Myles Gibson

After catching my target fish from a certain midlands day-only venue, a lot earlier than planned, I was stuck for somewhere to fish next. I had a few fish in mind that I dearly wanted to have a go for, but as is always the case I was still waiting on membership.
As it was only early August I wanted to find somewhere to fish, and quickly, so I would hopefully have an idea of the lake and its inhabitants and be in with half a chance of putting a hook into a few come the autumn.
After a lot of thought and head scratching, Stoneacres on the Linch Hill complex was suggested to me. Having seen pictures of a lot of the fish it held I was a little more than impressed, plus it would offer a whole new dimension to my fishing, being able to use a boat - perfect.
It took me a while to get used to the boating side of it, as it was all new to me. The lake was relatively quiet mid week, good job too, as I wonder what the regulars would have thought. I must have looked like I right numpty as I couldn’t even keep the bloody thing in a straight line to start off with.
I soon mastered it though and started to really enjoy the new style of fishing. It was on my forth session, my twelfth night when I received my first take, It came from a large gravel hump I had been baiting the previous three sessions. Unfortunately, as I was holding on for dear life as the powerful fish ripped line from a tight clutch the line parted, something had cut through the line like a pair of scissors. I was gutted, mortified even.

Around September, the water clarity took a turn for the worst and even the large shallow gravel humps could not be seen and I really struggled as a result. Getting on fish was never a problem but finding spots amongst an underwater jungle was near impossible.
At the end of September, the lake started to clear up again and I felt like I was also fishing once again. My next take came on the first of October from a large clear area around 150 yards range, I was using 20lb whiplash to reach the spot and had to use very small hook baits also, a homemade 10mm pink wafter fished over around 200 N-GAGE XP boilies had got me the take and after a scary but exciting boat battle I landed my fist Stoneacres carp, a peach of fish that pulled the scales round to 40lb 4oz. I was buzzing to say the least, and what a fish to start with.
I used bright hook baits for a lot of my fishing, but more so on there, it was more as a visual for me than the carp. Once I’d dropped the H blocks on a chosen spot and cast the rigs out rather than spending ages looking for them, the rigs were easily located as the bright baits were cleary visible if they landed right.
Over my next three sessions I managed another five takes, unfortunately losing one due to a hook pull and landing mirrors of 26lb 8oz, 28lb 14oz, 36lb 12oz and a stunning mirror known as “Baby Choco” at 37lb 4oz. I caught the 36 and Baby Choco in the same session so it was a nice way to end. I’ll be back in the early spring and in all honesty I can’t wait.
Myles Gibson.