An Autumn Week at Gigantica with Darrell Peck, commencing Saturday 9th November.

An Autumn Week at Gigantica with Darrell Peck, commencing Saturday 9th November.

Gentlemen, we are proud to offer you a full weeks angling in the company of big fish supremo Darrell Peck at one of France's premiere big fish waters, Gigantica.

Darrell has been coaching anglers for several years now and aims this experince to be a more relaxed but also more advanced version of what he does day to day in the UK.

Gigantica will at that time have at least one 80 pounder, plus at least two 70's, twelve 60's, twenty five 50's and another seventy 40's plus hundreds of back up fish. There will be only 7 anglers on 35 acres giving everyone 5 acres of water each! The lake has been fishing its head off this summer, far less weed and a late spawning has created hungry fish so we expect the lake to fish better than ever this autumn.

What you will experience

Once the draw has been done Darrell will help you choose your spots in the swim based on your capabilities and where the bites have been coming from. The Gigantica bailiffs make detailed records of all bite spots so you are straight on them Saturday night!

He will reveal his secrets to choosing a spot in a swim and his unique way to reveal hot spots without a marker float.

Darrell will advice and instruct on the best rigs to use and what hook baits to couple them with, this technology can be transferred to your fishing back home as well as putting you in with a chance of a 60, 70 or even 80 pound carp. This is all about honing your skills.

He is a master of hook sharpening and this art will be taught over the course of the week.

Darrell is confident he can put 20 yards on anyone’s cast and sometime as much as 70 yards or more. You will have the time and space to practise your long range and accurate casting with Darrell coaching you.

Bait is a subject on much debate, you can spend literally hours picking his brain on why good baits work and how to approach your waters back home, all whilst having three rods on a baited spot waiting for a 70 pounder to waddle in.

Because you have seven days and nights pick his brains and absorb what he does your level of knowledge and competence will grow more than you could ever imagined, catapulting you forward many seasons in one week.

Darrell is a highly social and charismatic guy with many stories to tell so you are guaranteed to have a great week whatever happens. We encourage socials in the swims and this will be when the real gems come out.

The Gigantica staff will be looking after you with three hot meals a day, one eaten in the lodge together and two delivered to your swim at breakfast and early evening maximising the time your rods can be in the water. Tea and coffee on tap from dawn till dusk and the fridge is always full with beers.

There are high quality showers and toilets on site plus all the bait and tackle you will need should be under gunned and simply run out during your stay.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for only 6 lucky anglers so if you want it you need to act fast.

The cost of a fully catered week at that time is £495, and only £100 is being added for a full weeks tuition from Darrell, so that's £595 in total plus your travel of course. The week starts at 12noon on Saturday 9th November, Darrell will already be plotted up in a central swim so he can access all six anglers with ease, his time will be in your swim not his own. Some of the training will be one to one others as a group, he'll just go with the flow.

Finally if you do catch a whacked you will be guaranteed amazing shots and publication on both the Gigantica and Korda web sites and there is a very good chance your picture will find its way into one of the carp monthly’s.

All in all an amazing opportunity for a few lucky guys

Call Gigantica UK on 01268 820440 for availability or email bookings@gigantica-carp.com.