Amazing run of fish for Darren Lamey at Monks Pit

Darren Lamey enjoyed an amazing run of fish from Monks Pit during 2018, culminating in his December capture of a mirror called Black Spot at 54lb 14oz!

This was the first time that the fish had topped 50lb and it followed the capture of others of 28lb 11oz and 22lb 1oz during the same trip, and came off the back of another mirror of 42lb 11oz on his previous session earlier that month.

Darren revealed: “It has been a busy year with a change of career to a plumber meaning that I was working during the week and attending a course on the weekends, so I knew I wasn’t going to have much time to fish until October, other than short sessions.

“Then a job in plumbing came up with a mate, and things got even better when. I was offered a bailiff position at Monks Pit, with one of the roles being to feed the fish with pellets and Mainline Link boilies. This put me in the lucky position of being able to prime a few spots for my own fishing, whilst baiting the lake.

“Soon this was paying off and I was catching 30lb-plus carp consistently during short evening sessions and overnighters between work. It was only a matter of time before I got a bigger one, and in August I landed a new PB of 44lb 9oz, which was the first time it had been out over forty and I named it Gwen, after my nan who had sadly passed away.

“After that I didn’t have a lot of time to fish, but in late September I started to put some bait into the shallows area again and it resulted in a mid-20 common, plus a repeat capture of Gwen, which came after an epic boat battle.

“During early November I had a couple of blanks on overnight sessions, but did finally manage to bag myself a 36-pounder, but knowing that it was going to start cooling off, I knew I needed to get an area going in the deeper water at the other end of the lake.

“I started baiting an area heavily with 10kg of Cell and Link boilies each week, and managed a 31lb 15oz common and a 35lb 3oz mirror during an overnighter, but then on my next couple of short sessions I couldn’t get back in the swim as word had got out of what I had caught.

“Finally, I had a chance for a longer session as I was breaking up from work for Christmas and I arrived at the lake on the Wednesday night. I had all the rods clipped up and was soon casting out Solidz PVA bags along with a few Spombs of bait. At 5am the next morning my right-hand rod was away and it resulted in another new forty for the lake at 42lb 11oz.
I then had to pop into work for half-a-day, but I’d be back so I put out 3kg of chopped boilies and corn.

“Once I’d finished work I was straight back to the lake, and that evening I caught one of 28lb 11oz called the Special One, plus a lovely scaly 22lb 1oz mirror as well.

“The following day we had savage winds of up to 35mph blowing straight into my face, but I was using 5oz flat pear leads in my bags – along with size 6 Kamakura Wide Gape hooks – so I knew the rods were fine and only re-cast two out of the four I was using.

“Around 2pm I was sat with a mate discussing just how big some of the ‘A team’ could be, given the big weight gains that we’ve had, when one of my rods was away. From the moment that I picked up my rod I couldn’t really do anything with it and it was a dead weight, and it spent 15 minutes just plodding all over the place, before finally the largest English carp that I’ve ever seen broke the surface and my mate Lee netted it. It was the first time the fish had done fifty and we checked it on two sets of scales, which both gave a weight of 54lb 14oz.”