Amazing run of big carp for Simon Kenny!

Having completed his quest on the Essex Manor with Stella at 44lb 7oz, the last of the big ‘uns on his target list, it didn’t take Simon Kenny long to find success elsewhere, this time with a huge common!

Simon has had a brilliant run of fish from the Manor this year, with a good number topping the 40lb mark, but once he’d caught his targets it was time to move on to a water closer to home, and it resulted in him banking a new PB common of 49lb 8oz on his first trip back on the venue!

He enthused: “After finishing my time on the Essex Manor all I could think about was settling an old score with a big old Norfolk common. I’d been a member of the syndicate for a few seasons but had only ever dabbled on there as it’s a beautiful lake and local to me, so I enjoy dropping in every now and again.

“I arrived at the lake mid morning to find that it was quiet, with only two anglers on there, and one of them was leaving shortly. As I hadn’t fished it for a while I decided to spend the day wandering about and trying to find the low stock of carp that the lake holds.

“After a few laps it became evident that there were a few carp soaking up the sun in a shallow day, and as the day wore on more joined them. At around 2pm I saw the big ‘un, known as the TLC Common, and she was patrolling up and down by some lilies and flanking on the bottom, and with her so active, she looked really good for a bite.

“After observing her for a while longer I worked out a certain route which she seemed to be taking, and I decided to drop into the area for the night. The swim was very snaggy so I set my bivvy up right next to the rods, and I was fishing my clutches locked up and with strong, reliable rigs on – I was fishing naked chods made from size 4 Choddy hooks to 25lb Mouthtrap, to 20lb IQ2 leaders and 20lb SUBbraid main line. I was fishing Krill White Ones as hookbaits and I placed a scattering of Krill freebies along her patrol route.

“That evening I was sat thinking how different this quiet little pit was to the well-trodden banks of the Manor, when a single bleep on the right-hand rod brought me back to reality. As I looked at my spot, the water erupted and the rod viciously pulled round.

“I was on it in a flash and the next bit was all a blur, as the she ploughed through set after set of lilies, but I kept the pressure on and eventually had her within netting range. The light was starting to fade but I was sure that it was a good common, but when I looked in the net I could hardly believe my eyes to see the massive frame of the TLC sitting there!

“It was pure madness, as I hadn’t set foot on the water in over a year, and then having only had the baits out for six hours, there she was. The week had been one of my best ever – finishing my time in Essex and then bagging the TLC in such a short space of time!”