Amazing catch of four forties in a session for Simon Kenny!

As if catching a brace of 40s wasn’t enough for Simon Kenny, he returned to the Essex Manor and eclipsed it by banking an amazing four fish over 40lb in just 72 hours!

Simon, who had recently managed a brace of 40s from the famous venue, also added another chunk which came close to the magic mark, with a 39lb mirror, as part of a six fish catch.

He revealed: “The fishing on the Manor had been slow for the previous couple of weeks with only a handful of fish caught since I had my last catch.

“It seems like we’ve skipped the usual autumn winds and rain and gone straight into early winter weather of high pressure and cold nights, and the fish seemed to have shut up shop, but whilst there’s a bait in the water you always have a chance of catching.

“The lake was surprisingly empty when I arrived around 10am, and I decided to drop into one of my favourite swims, The Garden, and I’d seen a small amount of activity in this swim the previous week, and that was all I had to go on.

“I know that there is a nice clay spot to the right of the swim, so I decided to put two rods on this area and the other out to the left in slightly deeper water.

“That evening at about 9pm one of the rods on the clay spot roared off completely out of the blue, and after a slow heavy fight a fish known as the Peach – I gave her a quick weigh at 43lb 8oz and then slipped her back without a photo as it is a fish I’d caught previously earlier in the season.

“The following day I noticed some fizzing over my left-hand spot and had also been getting the odd liner, so things were looking very good. Sure enough, at 10pm that evening I had another take, but it came from the spot to the right again, and after a slow, heavy fight I was looking down at the biggest common in the lake, the Bream Common at 43lb 4oz.

“The following morning the same rod was away again and soon an upper-20 was in the net, and just as I was sorting out the scales and camera, the other rod on the same spot burst into life and this time I was doing battle with a heavy fish. I wasn’t really prepared for two fish at once but I managed to fit them both in the landing net without any problems – the smaller one weighed in at 29lb 14oz, and the other was yet another 40, my third of the session, at 40lb 8oz. I couldn’t believe what I’d already caught on this trip, but little did I know that there was more to come!

“That day I made sure that my rods were positioned as well as I could get them, and the following morning at first light – just like the previous day – the right-hand rod pulled up tight, and after a long heavy battle yet another big mirror rolled into the net.

“This time though, before I even had a chance to secure the net, the other rod on the spot was also away, and this fish took ages to land, but was eventually in the net alongside the other one. The fish turned out to be Pawprint at 40lb 8oz and Heart Tail at 39lb. It was a mind blowing session and catching four 40s in a trip was more than I could ever have dreamed of.

“My rigs were the ever-reliable Elliott Gray hinge rigs with Krill Signature pop-ups, and I got through 6kg of Krill boilies during the session.”