Alternative venue leads to change in fortune for Lawrence East!

Despite managing to break his landing net, Lawrence East enjoyed a great session at a local club water when he banked a four fish catch, topped by a chunky 31lb mirror!

Unusually for Lawrence, who is one of Team Korda’s most consistent anglers, he had endured a four-week blank spell at his syndicate lake, with only one lost fish to show for his efforts.

But he managed to get things back on track with a change of venue, as he explained: “I decided to drop into my club water for a quick overnighter, arriving at around 3.30pm only to find out that it had also been quiet with only two fish caught over the previous weekend.

“As I was driving past the lake on the way in I noticed two fish show on the back of the wind about 80 yards out, and that was all the motivation that I needed.

“I put a Spomb full of bait over the area, followed by six more once I’d clipped up, and my mix consisted of chopped Mainline Cell and Activ-78 boilies, plus matching Response pellets, all soaked in Bloodworm stick mix liquid overnight.

“I fished all my rods over the top on Diamond White pop-ups which I’d soaked in Profile Plus Toasted Almond flavour. These were presented on multi-rigs, which I tie using 20lb Kamo braid and size 6 Kurv Shank hooks, which I sharpen myself, and instead of a rig ring I use a micro swivel to tie my pop-ups onto, as I believe it gives more movement, and also means that I can have pop-ups tied up in advance.

Within five minutes of casting out my right-hand rod was away, and resulted in a 29lb 12oz mirror, and before dealing with the fish I decided to put out a couple more Spombs of bait and to get the rod back out. It proved to be the right decision, as whilst I was setting up my camera for a self-take, the same rod was away again and this time it was a lovely 25lb mirror.

“Once I’d photographed them both and got the rods sorted out again, it was time to get the kettle on as the swim wasn’t very comfortable to say the least, as it had turned into a mud bath with the heavy rain, and I hadn’t brought a groundsheet with me. There was no time to relax though as one of the rods was away again!

“Everything had gone to plan up until then, but my luck changed as I went to net the fish and my landing net gave way. To cut a long story short, I had to land it in a very unconventional way, going into the lake in my chest waders and guiding it over my retention sling!

“As soon as it was secured I called a friend to see if he could bring me a landing net and some dry clothes, but whilst I was on the phone I had another take and had to land this one in my spare retainer. I quickly wound in the remaining rod before anything else could happen, and although landing them in this way isn’t ideal I didn’t have a choice as no one else was around and it was the safest way of doing it.

“These two fish weighed in at 31lb and 29lb 3oz, and I’d already had four despite only being an hour-and-a-half into the session. Fish continued to show over the area, but with a broken landing net, wet clothes, no more bait and having to get up at 5am for work, I decided to head home, job done!”